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This was a complete waste of our time.

We, like others, were told we had won a prize - one of four.

A Lincoln/45K cash, a vacation, $2500 cash or a 32 inch tv - guaranteed to win one of these prizes.

So, we went. Flags were raised at the credit card/checkbook requirement at registration...

The presentation was okay, but after that was over - and we were sent into a room with a salesman it was ridiculous. Wore a hawaiian shirt and was incredibly rude. Name was John.

When I asked genuine questions about the promotion, deal etc and company, etc - he was condescending and mocking.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Gilbert, AZ
When someone else left without buying into the scheme, he made a gesture suggesting she was mentally incapacitated.
When I said it wasn't something we were even considering - he said, well since it is the last day in May, I can offer the same deal to you at $3995 (originally $7495). Another red flag. Really? You're that desperate to get money from me?
When I said I had not researched the company, and was not necessarily comfortable with handing over money to something I had not researched, we were asked to leave and that he didn't need our $10K (so it's 10k now?), that we were minor players and not worth his time.
I then went home and reseached the company. Yeah. It's a scam. No wonder he was so defensive.


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  • Sa
      Jan 29, 2008
    Star Vacations - SCAM!!
    Star Vacation
    529 Flatiron Blvd.
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    I got a call this evening from Star Vacations saying that I was a finalist in a sweepstakes I entered. First thing I thought about was that they called me on my home phone and I just moved and just got this new number (which I don't even know yet) so I thought it sounded like a scam. I don't give my home number out to anyone since I don't know it! I listened to all her (Georgia) information and was told that I was promised to win 1 out of 5 gifts (Lincoln Navigator, $45K, $2500, vacation for 2, or at the very least a 32" flat screen tv. All I had to do was come to the 1 1/2 hour presentation with my prize claim number and 2 forms of identification (ID and major credit card or check book). They were very adiment on asking if I was single (married, dating, etc). I still don't understand this but thought it seemed a little odd. Then I mentioned that I had my young child at the times they told me I could come (4pm, 6pm or 8pm) and they said kids weren't allowed (also very strange).
    Anyway, I was scheduled to go this Friday, Feb. 1st but I am not going since I found very similar information on this complaint board. I don't see any other complaints for Denver so maybe I can help prevent YOU from being scammed.

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  • Ge
      Jul 24, 2008

    My husband and I were engaged at the time and looking to save money on our honeymoon since together we have 7 children to support!
    We got sucked into this scam and ended up buying and of course it was too good to be true! We were told we could not use any of the services until after an orientation 5 days after signing up. When the 4th day came, we tried using it and found it is no better of a deal than what we can get using the entertainment book! When attempting to cancel we were informed there is a 3 day right of recession and we were now legally bound to the contract. So, they told us we have to wait 5 days so keep us legally bound to the scam. This is a HUGE SCAM and I am in process of a lawsuit to fight this. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS like we did!

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