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Star Vacation Club / Asked me for my credit card and ID at a presentation!

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Major Scam - Do not show them your credit card and ID. You are setting yourself up for fraud. Better yet if you get to this site before you go to your presentation. Call your local news outlet that handles fraud and see if one of them will come with you as your spouse. May be then the whole city will find out about them. I think I'll send in for my free gift... Can't wait to see the 20 hoops and the fees and expenses that will make the Gift completely not FREE!!!

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  • Sa
      12th of Jul, 2007
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    I'm not sure why they would ask you for your credit card. Maybe they didn't tell me the whole story last night when I was on the phone with them for 1/2 an hour, which, by the way I recorded word for word, just because it sounded too good to be true. My appointment is for tonight, I live about 30 miles outside of San Diego and they have promised me that I can choose between 3 absolutely marvelous trips for two, 100% paid for by them. When I asked how can this be and is this a time share. I was told that it was not a time share nor did I have to buy a thing, I repeated this back to the barely English speaking sales person, so I could get it on my trusty little tape recorder not once but twice; “You mean I don’t have to purchase anything at all to go on an all expense paid round-trip-air-fair with my choice between 3 different beautiful hotels for 3 nights and 4 days and it's all completely free? And I don’t have to sign up for or buy one-single-thing?"

    I hope I covered everything and got it all on tape and I'm still not convinced that there is not something that they weren't telling me, But when I asked, again, how they could be offering something like this, they said, and it sounded good to me, that better than the media, and better than print ads, the best kind of advertising a company can have is for me and a guest to have a wonderful time and spread the word about Star Travel. Now to me that doesn’t sound too bad, and I agree that word of mouth is pretty powerful, but I swear if these guys are lying to me, they’re going to want to put my name on a do-not-call - EVER - list...

    So yeah, call me naive, or whatever, but I am going to sit through the 90 minute presentation which is at 6pm tonight. More than anything I’m going in with my eyes wide open and I’m actually kinda interested so see how this is going to turn out.

  • Ka
      12th of Jul, 2007
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    I've also received multiple calls from a lady from "Star Vacations," who, as stated above, had a heavy accent. I listened to her for about 10min before the questions became too personal for me. Maybe I never got to the questions about credit card numbers... my breaking point was asking my salary and if I "have a special someone to accompany me on this free trip." I asked for a website so I could check out the information. I was given It has almost ZERO information about what the "club" actually is and seems like it's purpose is simply to be a repository for your personal information, ie. it asks you to set up an account profile. I'm SKEPTICAL.

    Sandie, let me know what you think of the 90min promo. Thanks.

  • Je
      12th of Jul, 2007
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    Sheesh, Paranoid is the word for this. I have done about 7 of these time share meetings with other companies and yes, they all want two forms of ID. No they didn't copy the Id or even touch my card. Just made sure i had two forms of ID with matching names... Whats wrong with that? Oh yeah, maybe if they are giving away $1000 worth of airfare, and hotel stays for 2 people maybe they "might" want to know who was there.

    Just have to say no about 500 times for 90 minutes and then you get your trip, of coarse you have to pay taxes by law. Mine comes to about $100 each time.

    Went to Orlando last time, bad hotel, but from Trendwest, I mean bad hotel.motel full of gang bangers. we stayed elsewhere but we got free airfare, fun trip.

    Relax, its not a scam, its just cautious.


  • Bo
      16th of Jul, 2007
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    I also got a phone call and the rep told me to come to their office and get one of the free gifts after a presentation. I fell for it and went to their office in Gilbert, Az along Guadalupe road. Their were more people than the number of reps so they called in the couples first and since i was single I was left waiting for almost half an hour. During this time i started getting very skeptical about the place. First they had every dirty bathroom, i was even scared of getting in, and the lobby was not very nice compared to the supposed success they were having according to one rep. Anyway I ended up not sitting for the presentation, thank God, I got the 'free' vacation' brochure and i don't think I'll be sending it in.

  • Mi
      29th of Aug, 2007
    0 Votes

    I've been to a few of these. If it doesn't go well, meaning I don't get my prize, give my ID or Credit card info for them to copy, I'll post here again. Seems "too good to be true" because the prizes are 45K Car, Big TV, 2,500 cash, and a vacation. They promise you at least one of those. I'm guessing it will be the lesser of the prizes. Warning, they will try and make you feel like sh*t, and attempt to break you. Like drugs, "JUST SAY NO!" Take it for what its worth. Be stern and oh... a better idea is, go in... pretend you have a very bad head cold (keep whipping you nose with Kleenex and caugh). They should just hand you the prise, they wont wanna get sick!! Ha! Good luck...

  • Am
      30th of Aug, 2007
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    I attended a presentation over a year ago... I purchased the membership and had a little bit of buyers’ remorse a few weeks after wondering what the heck spent $2300 for. The presentation was a little high pressure but its sales... Look at it this way - Car dealerships are the same way, they want to make a sale. Unlike the others I was sitting with, I read EVERYTHING! I’ve been so to say "scammed" with a car I leased... I learned my lesson. Anyhow, the "free" cruise I won I didn’t even bother with. There were too many terms and conditions and in the end, it wasn’t totally free. I’ve won these types of gifts before by entering a name in a box drawing. Nothing is free in life. Anyhow, I have found Star to be very helpful with the few vacations I have taken. Yes, there have been times I have been quoted higher than what I found on other websites - so I priced matched the lower price. One time it worked, the other it didn’t since I got a group rate on a cruise and Star doesn’t price match on group rates... Airfare I have tried as well. I understand that Star doesn’t get the lowest rates (Which is not what I was told at the presentation) I was disappointed but nothing I can do now. So I simply booked an all-inclusive trip and got a great deal! I highly recommend Excellence Resort in Rivera Maya!!

    Have also booked a condo in South Carolina - I paid $650 for the week - When I got to the resort, the prices were listed at $209 a night.. that’s about $1450 - I saved $800! I just turned in a condo request for Hawaii for January so we will see how this one works out... hopefully as smooth as the first. Trust me people, if you read through everything and give it some time and try everything... you will see that the membership does work and will save you money. I understand, its going to take while for me to make up the $$ that I have spent for the membership to start getting $$ back... I also plan to travel a ton more as my husbands retiring in a few years. So why complain if you haven’t tried using this and why complain if your not even a member. Check out other travel websites and get your butt on a plane and travel and enjoy your life!!

  • Sh
      29th of Oct, 2007
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    The Star Vacation membership sounds good and we have not tried the vacations yet. The free trip that we received has way to many restrictions, time being one of them. You have to send in paperwork to receive the information on the trip. Then your time limit is 30 days. We were on vacation at the time and when we came back it was not the #1 item to do on our list. By then you have a million things to do and it can get lost in the paperwork that has to be done just everyday things to do. Life is overwhelming at times. They are separate from Star Vacations so that is Star Vacations way out of honoring the free gift. Star Vacations said to me that they have nothing to do with the company that asks you to their meeting and gives you a free gift. They only give you that hour or so to make up your mind on their Star Vacations plan which costs us $3200.00 immediately paid in full! It is a rip off to offer a free item and then tell you (in a contract somewhere in tiny print) that you only have 30 days to send in (again) more paperwork to receive your free gift. It is a gift or it is not! If I gave gifts like that I would have a lot of angry people with me. We would not have the Red Cross because we would all have our money back if we only gave them 30 days to send a letter to all that gave their free gift of money to them or if we cancelled our checks in 30 days if they were not timely with us. And that would be for anything we give free gifts to. Medical research, elections, firemen and police funds and all the other organizations that we give to.

  • Jo
      13th of Nov, 2007
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    I'm investigating Vacation Resort Group "activities." Have anyone gotten reimbursed by the company?

    If so, can you send me a copy of the front of any refund checks they got Vacation Resort Group from (with bank account number at the bottom)?

    You can completely redact (use heavy black magic marker) to mask your personal info. I just need the entity name, bank name and wire #.

    Also if you paid Vacation Resort Group and got your checks returned to you, can you scan and email me the back of the check with their account # / endorsement? Also who you made the check out to would be great. Email me for contact and reward info.

    This company uses multiple entities (what does that tell you?)].

  • Vl
      12th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    We bought a time share from these people 2 years ago and have never recieved anything from them include the promised time share. Our calls go unreturned.
    What we need now are names and address to get our money back does anyone have any.

  • Bh
      16th of Feb, 2009
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    I sent numerous letters in to book a trip and everytime they sent back saying nothing available. I sent in the $100.00 fee at first, and after not getting booked before the time was up, I called and spoke to someone called "Mary" who refused to let me speak to anyone else, said they did not have a fax machine for me to fax information to them and that there was no Supervisor or owner of the company. That I was stuck talking to her and it would take 12 weeks for a refund, which I haven't seen..This is a scam..The company number I had for the local presentation, has been disconnected and the place they rented for the quickie scam is vacant..Does that tell you anything...The best thing to do is turn these people in to the Better Business Bureau of whichever State you are in.

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