Star Ledger Newspaper, Newark, NJappallingly inept subscription, delivery, recovery service

I subscribed back in feb-march 2018 — they failed to deliver my print copies (thursday, sunday, andimalso gad so any login/password problems,
My "10-week" deal was extended another 10 early sept my paper bill add a$2 fee for paper bill (w/o advance notice!) and included
$4.00 for thanksgiving print.. My credit card was billed incorrectly — my inquiry resulted in customer service claiming I did not want that
T-day paper..-I did, and after emails and calls even to the ceo/vp folks, imwas told I would get that paper.. Today us thanksgiving.. Not only did I not get that paper, despite promises that I would at least get a "recovery paper," I didn't get that either!! The paper is better than my local
Paper, but their delivery/billing/subscription services are impossibly bad!
Today I learned no one deleted the code cancelling today's paper, and they merely applied the $4 to extend my subscription... My local paper
Was taken over by a large corp. — the star-ledger obviously cannot handle circulation/customer service, and should seek the guidance if a
"parent company" to take over and do, what the current mgmt is clearly unable to handle!

Nov 22, 2018

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