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Staph Infections / Nightmare all over your body

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That is totally disgusting! I hope you have contacted the board of health on this matter. Staph infections are very contagious and if not treated quickly can become a nightmare all over your body. These usually scare leaving marks like cigar burns. You absolutely need medical attention and an antibiotic quickly. That employee shold never had been working on you in the first have to wonder how he caught it. Usually this bacteria lives for days and breeds on tools used in salons and in water. You need to write a formal complaint and have this business investigated. I am a salon owner in Toronto-not for tatoos though. An esthetic spa. Good Luck to you- dont let this go. Take pictures of the leisions and send them to the appropriate authorities.

All the Best

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  • Sa
      24th of Mar, 2009
    -1 Votes

    I am having a similar problem, although it is my mom who has the staph infection from a tattoo parlor recently on march 11, 2009. She has to go in to the hospital because it has gotten real bad. it flows through your blood stream and if you have a weak immune system as my mom, it can cause a bad case of pneumonia. Her doctor says if she doesnt get in to the ER then the infection can spread throughout her body, through her blood stream and she can die in a matter of minutes.

    Please do not be like my mom and be too stubborn to go. I can not get her to go NO MATTER WHAT I DO OR SAY. This is a LIFE THREATING EMEREGENCY that needs treated RIGHT AWAY!!!

    I have contacted the tattoo parlor and they said that because she signed a waiver then they are responsible. My butt they arent!!! I am going to sue them because whoever it was that did her tattoo gave her the infection...

  • Cs
      27th of Mar, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Everybody wants to blame the shop for thier problems, a tattoo is a wound just like any other wound a can contract an infection just like any other wound, the person that did the tattoo has the paperwork proving his blemish was not a staph infection but a blemish gotten from clogged pores, it's really easy for people to blame the shop instead of thier own personal hygiene...after a tattoo is applied thier is a three day period where the tattoo can contract any of number of infections and must be kept clean, staph is a normal flora on ones skin and is present everywhere... the wound must be kept clean, tattoos along with piercings carry risks, that is why a waiver is signed, we as a shop can not control how the tattoo is taken care of when the customer leaves our shop, we have been tattooing for 24 years, have no complaints, all needles are evidently new, and for the safety of the artists as well as the customers, no physical contact via skin to skin is carried out, upon inspection at anytime it is evident that the atmosphere and manner of tattooing is sterile, there can never exist any proof that a staph infection was contracted at our shop, it just isn't possible, we will look into pressing charges for slander, you have named our shop here in a slanderous manner, we are printing this, and will use this in our complaint if not removed, your anger and lack of education in this subject in regards to your own personal hygiene problem should not be taken out on a reputable business with a 24 year clean record, we do sympathize in your hardship, but grow up and put the blame where it belongs, we tattoo many nurses and medical practitioners here that will vouch for our sterile methods

  • Bi
      27th of Mar, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I am actually a faithful customer of Flash Effects Tattoo studio in Bristol, and hold them in high regard. I have experienced(many times) their friendly, cleanly, and fastidious approach to tattooing. They use sterile equipment(they open the new needles and tubes right in front of me, which is nice), they always wear gloves...and that's the fascinating thing about this outlandish story; a staph infection can only be spread by skin to skin contact or a contaminated item touching directly the skin of of someone. I took the time to see what a staph infection is and am confident that the occurence of one in a tattoo shop is rare to impossible due to the fact that any respectable tattooist(which they are) will keep a clean shop. Something interesting is that the bacteria for a staph infection is found a pleathora of other places, from kitchen counters, to beds, to tools, and the list goes on. And if the person who gets a tattoo has poor hygiene or works in an environment rife with bacteria or dirt(i.e. a garage), and it is not properly wrapped up/shielded from those elements, the subject more or less invites himself to disease.

  • Cs
      28th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    It has been found out that that the person who contracted the staph infection works as a mechanic, the tattoo was on the inside of his forearm, grease and oil are known to cause these infections, it has also been found out that they have financial issues, hence wanting thier money back, seems like despiration to us, you should not drag a reputable shop through your personal burdens, if you can not afford to get a tattoo, wait till you can, we will not tolerate slander or deformation of character from anybody, after 24 years of satisfied customers and maintaining a very busy shop on a daily basis, it is easy to assume the situation ... anybody who gets a tattoo knows and understands that infection is always a is an open wound over a large area, it is purely common sense to keep it clean, if you are a mechanic and even have a cut on your hand, it to will get an infection if not cleaned, anytime you have any form of wound that leaves your body open to outside intrusion of bacteria, dirt, and many other forms of "undesireables" utmost care needs to be taken to keep them out, tattoos are not just a pretty picture, they are large "wounds", we as a shop can not control how the customer takes care of thier tattoo once they leave our shop, even when the tattoo is finished, ink and debree is cleaned off with a soap that kills anything, then ointment is applied and then it is bandaged, it is impossible to leave the shop with any bacteria on the tattooed area, staph is everywhere, you are even at risk if you do not change your bed sheets every two weeks, look at your bed with a microscope after two weeks...there are armies of organisms there, all of wich can enter your wound, there are so many ways to get an infection in a wound, how can you attempt to blame us, we know your husband didn't take care of his tattoo, especially at work where there is grease, oil, dirt, rust, and god knows what else...just by talking with people that know him, we worked many years to accomplish our flawless reputation and will defend it from people like you who lack the common sense of the situation, as far as the person goes who you say had a staff infection that performed the tattoo, we have the paperwork from his doctor proving this was not the case, we can prove our side of the story in many ways, black and white proof, as well as our hospital grade work atmosphere, and bacteria killing work materials during the coarse of the tattoo, if now you still insist on posting un-meritted slanderous accusations here on the web or anywhere else, we will see you in court, I will look into this on monday, so really you need to just grow up and accept the facts, I'm sure in the midst of your financial issues you don't need these problems

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