Stanton Optical in Merced, CA.bait and switch, terrible service even with customer support

D Nov 28, 2017

I went in to Stanton Optical on Sept. 14, 2017 for my first time. I already had a prescription for glasses due to already having an eye exam at my regular eye doctors. I was greeted nicely by a salesperson named Omar, who seemed nice. I asked about their 2 pair of glasses for $69 and he said it had to be the same type of frames, I told him that was fine. He also said due to blended Bifocal it would cost a little more. By the time we were finished he told me I would get 2 pair of glasses for $203. I didn't understand how we went from $69 for 2 pairs of glasses to $203 for 2 pairs. I decided to get them anyway. When they came in a week later only one pair of glasses were there so I asked what happened to the other pair, they said I only ordered 1 pair. The manager Jorge said Omar should have charged it differently and it would have been less expensive but I could order another pair for another $20. So I paid the additional $20. When they arrived a week later the manager Jorge brought out 3 different pair of glasses and none of them were mine. Finally on the 4th try he brought my glasses out and tried to adjust them at the counter even bending the ear pieces without heating them which I found out from another optometrist. I was so disappointed with the service I called their Customer service at [protected] on Nov. 13, 2017 and spoke to Melissa about my complaint. On Nov. 28, 2017 I called Melissa back because I haven't heard anything. She explained their was nothing she could unless I wanted to get the nose pads replaced. Will never make the mistake of going there again.

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