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Went to Beaverton Standard TV and Appliance and they wouldn't match or beat Best Buy On a Mituzubishi 73" rear projection TV mod. 735 best buy was for 1800

and they said they could only do 1900.

And they have a sign out on the street that states they will meet or beat any offer.

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  • Ke
      Apr 23, 2009

    That was not the same model Television.
    If you are going to complain then please make sure it is legitimate.
    The have matched every price without problem. I think its in bad taste that you have to try to ruin the reputation of such a good company.

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  • Ma
      Jan 17, 2012

    Blue Goose Trucking was a two truck enterprise, owned, operated and financed by Bill Gander and limited its delivery to the sales of Standard TV and Appliance. Bill Gander and Standard TV and Appliance have obviously expanded its scope, since 2007.

    Blue Goose Trucking is the dark side of Bill Gander. It is one of the enterprises that has allowed Bill Gander to gather immense wealth, buy out, and absorb the competitors. Sounds like Organized Crime to me and he could be in violation of the RICO act.

    Blue Goose Trucking (think Bill Gander and then think, Gander, Goose, Blue Goose. Get the idea?) and Standard TV and Appliance should be audited, not only by the authorities in Washingtn State, but also by the Internal Revenue Service and the Oregon Department of Revenue. There is something underhanded going on here.

    Blue Goose Trucking has been the enterprise laying the Golden Egg for Bill Gander and Standard TV and Appliance!
    Standard TV and Appliance delivers throughout Western Washington. They deliver and set up mattresses and frames, as well as, delivery and installation of appliances. They do this through a company called Blue Goose. I used to do the delivery. They have never charged sales taxes to people in Washington state.

    Standard TV and Appliance must do $10 million or more in sales in Washington State.

    Why doesn't Standard TV and Appliance collect and pay the taxes? They've been doing this for about 15 years. If you are going after Mattress World, then go after Standard TV and Appliance! Unless, of course, there is some type of collusion occuring.
    I took your advice and checked out the Blue Goose Trucking website (see and it appears to be a hybrid business, developed on the original Blue Goose Trucking platform that we used in the mid 2000's at Standard TV and Appliance. It appeared to be operational as a hybrid business during the middle of 2011. Where as it may offer pick up and delivery, its white glove service appears to emulate the company that used to run Sears Delivery, in the area (they probably have the management and employees from that operation).

    Bill Gander may have the necessary capital to use and expand the Blue Goose Trucking Company (Bill Gander owns Blue Goose Trucking!), but Bill Gander dos not have the right to circumvent the tax laws for Standard TV and Appliance's financial gain and to increase his and any other company investors wealth. Those taxes that he is not collecting at the point of sale assist all residents in Washington State in many ways. It also causes unemployment in Washingtn State, since it drives competitors out of business and the lack of business is prohibitive to those who want to start a mattress or aplliance company, from doing so. Bill Gander has a moral and legal obligation to set things right and to acknowledge these areas of infidelity regarding tax laws, pay the necessary taxes and penalties owed, and be upfront and honest with the citizens and government of Washington State and Oregon.

    Blue Goose Trucking headquarters is just a couple miles from the Standard TV and Appliance showroom and warehouse on 82nd avenue. I bet that you can see these vehicles loading up at the Standard TV and Appliance warehouse site in the morning and any day of the week.

    With regard to the WDR doing an audit, the numbers that you wrote about 25, 000 times $1000. is way too low. Many of my deliveries were for high-end appliances and premium mattresses. On the appliance end, such as Sub-Zero's that sell between $5, 000 to $20, 000, individually. I could easily take out, with my helper on one daily delivery, appliances that have a combined value of over $100, 000 in just one truck. And do this every day of the week, except Sunday! Standard would also send out repair persons to Washington State in plain, unmarked vans, with no collection of sales tax, either.

    There is a reason that Bill Gander is as wealthy as he his. And a significnt reason is his ability to circumvent the tax laws and pocket the additional cash that he brings in. It's that simple!

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  • Ja
      Dec 19, 2016

    LOL! I just came across this site after googling the company Blue Goose trucking. All I have to say is this: Dude, tax laws are in place for a reason. If they can be circumvented or if there is a loophole and you can get around it, why wouldnt you? And what do you care if someone else does? You sound like a straight-up communist. Mind your own business and live your own life instead of worrying about what others do, weirdo... No, go back to being an occupier and protesting trump rallies while supporting Bernie Sanders.

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