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Standard Financial, Inc. / Scam and fraud

1 314 Green Blvd.Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 778-859-4559

I just received their most recent scams, and I found this site before I did anything, luckily for me. This most recent attempt is a check from Custom Design, LLC, in Litchfield, CT. The bank is First National Bank of Litchfield. The amount of the check is still $4750.00, and the contact is the same, Brian Scott. The tax agent is now Ginger Perry. People need to stay vigilant and keep the public informed when something like this changes, so the rest of us won't get scammed.

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  • En
      28th of May, 2008
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    On tuesday May 27th I received a check from Standard Financial, Inc. for the amount of $4, 750.00 stating that I was a winner in the second category of the USA Mega (under the international Sweepstake) Draw held on March 14th, 2008. Then they gave the serial number and amount of money won. US $450, 000.00. They also sent a certified check for $4, 750, 00 to help pay for taxes. The claims person was Brian Scott and the tax agent Julie Nixon. Sydney, Nova Scotia Canada B4K 7C2. i WAS TO SEND HER $3, 550.00 US DOLLARS. Payment method: MONEY GRAM. Something just did'nt fill right with me so I went to the internet and looked up the Company, STANDARD FINANCIAL INC. And I found out it is a scam company. Thank God I did not deposit the check and draw out the money. We all have to be careful of scams like this.


  • Mi
      5th of Jun, 2008
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    I just received a letter dated May 14, 2008 from "BBM Financial Services Inc. informing me of winning a "compensation draw" along with a check for $4, 620.00 to pay for taxes on $250, 000 USD. The address on the letter is 1122 Airport Road, ST John NF, Canada A1B3X5. The checkis from Suntrust Bank, ACH RT.

  • Ti
      12th of Jun, 2008
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    I too received a letter and a check for 4750.00 I called the number first and he seemed a little hesitant and off, refused to tell me any details and just kept saying to deposit the check and call them back. SO I thought why not just deposit it and see if it clears or not. Well it didnt. I was not about to go ahead and send them any money first. This letter was from STANDARD FINANCIAL and the check was written on a CHASE bank. It was a real check, my bank even looked it over, but it was returned for inssufficient funds. I did not lose any money, but it would have saved me a big headache if I had thought to look it up first.

  • St
      12th of Jun, 2008
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    I just opened the same letter from B.B.M Financial Sevices INC stating I won $250, 000 from a sweepstakes. It also included a check for $4730 to pay for taxes. I researched the company online and there website is stating it is a scam. Someone most be using there name to scam people into believing they one the money. But I feel greet that I was not the only one that got the notice.

  • He
      12th of Jun, 2008
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    My mon just got one from B.B.M Financial Services Inc. 1122 Airport Road ST John NF, Canada A1B2X5 May 22, 2008. It was also a "Compensation Draw" But hers said contact Mary Richards the claims agent.
    and to Send the check of $4, 730.00 to the Tax agent Rachel King 3888 11th Avenue ST. John, NF Canada. The tax amount is $3, 835.

  • Sh
      14th of Jun, 2008
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    I got a letter too! Mine said I had won $250, 000. The name at the bottom of the letter is John Gold, however the signature looks nothing like "John Gold". The tax agent listed is Karen Miller. One difference with my check is that it is not drawn on a Chase bank account. Mine is from Century Bank. My biggest concern with cashing the check is not that it would be returned, but that now this company would have my bank account# since my bank requires that you write your # on the back of the check.

  • Le
      19th of Jun, 2008
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    I also received a check a few days ago. Tax agent Maria Thompson and contact person David Brown, 778-858-7407 who was never available at this number. Good thing I also looked up company online. My check is for 4590.00 and I was to have suppose to win $250M. The letter and check look real and the check is real (I use to work in a bank). Has anyone reported them to any government agency?

  • Si
      20th of Jun, 2008
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    Hi all thanks for sharing your experiences...
    we also received a check for $4590, issued from Suntrust Bank.
    The company name on the check is Standard Finance INC.
    The letter is from BBM in St.John NF Canada.
    Tax Agent Linda Wilson. Contact Person Candy Williams, and the letter is signed by Barry Winston.
    I connot believe they can send out checks like this and not be prosecuted... Aren't they supossed to be prosecuted for this?

  • Ru
      24th of Sep, 2008
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    My check was from O A I Electronics in Tulsa, OK (a real Company). It was made out to me for 4, 900.00 and was for the taxes of my winnings in the "COMPENSATION DRAW" for the sum of $250, 000.00. I was instructed to contact Many Hill. The tax was payable to my tax agent by MONEYGRAM to: Mary
    Smith in Saint John, NB W2L 2X6 Canada. It was stamped APPROVED, and the letter came from the office of: Harold ford (Vice Presendent Finance) of Standard Trust INC.
    The check looked real, but I did not fall off of the cabbage truck yesterday. I knew it was a scam.
    Glad the we have the Internet to check these things out. I feel for the little old ladies that may actually believe it and fall for it.

  • Ss
      6th of Oct, 2008
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    also reciever a check on 10-4-08 written on jpmorgan chase bank syracuse, new york, stating I had won 95, 000.00 and this first check of 2750.00 was to pay government tax, to be paid through walmart money gram. I was also told to contact jones vrian as soon as i received this letter, what's up with this scam?

  • Dr
      23rd of Nov, 2008
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    I just received a letter similar to the ones other people on this site are describing. Mine is from a place called R.T. Financial Services. However, there is a R.T. Financial Service in Canada. The letter I recived said Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada. I am supposedly the winner of 450, 000 dollars. Says I won the USA Mega Sweepstakes also. A very legit looking check was sent for 4, 800 dollars water marks and all from First Union National Bank of North Carolina. Claims agent named Bill Huffman and a phone number to call: 1-778-316-4443. Tax agent was named Harry Brown. The amount of taxes is 3, 750 payable by Money Gram. The check made it seem real but I too was suspicious and thats how I came upon this site. I havent entered any sweepstakes, I barely play the lottery. Also, just recently, I renewed a DEBIT CARD and that might have something to do with it. This should be a crminal offense because that check is fraudulent. For a second I actually believed it but I try to keep up with the news so I know that there are these kinds of scams out there. I am so glad I found this site.

  • Sa
      24th of Nov, 2008
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    I received a letter and check exacting like one that D.Ross received. I do send those silly things back in the mail so I was excited but knew I had to cautious. I talked to my parents about it and they told me to check it all out first so I am and this is the first site that I went to. R.T. Financial Services in Sydney, Nova Scotia. How upsetting! There seems like there should be some legal ramifications for such activity, especially involving checks, banks, etc.

  • Kr
      1st of Dec, 2008
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    I just received this check for 4, 800.00 and it's from Sydney. The agent's last name is cheatwood, i'm supposed to call some guy Ben Jones, which I did get in touch with but he wouldn't let me speak to a manager. So I decided to look it up online, and found that it was a upsetting since i was looking forward to that money. Thanks for letting me know though!

  • Al
      1st of Dec, 2008
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    12-1-08 I just got this letter too. Its comming from Structural Funds Settlement. 4700 Kenedy Road Toronto Ontario m6n 4n2, Canada tel: 1 (778) 316-4096. Tax agent is Albert Thomas and claim agent is Michael West. BEWARE! It says i won $275, 000.00 on a sweepstake draw and they sent me a check for $4, 750.00 to pay taxes. Again... BEWARE!
    Question tho. What would happen if i cash the check (its ok if i write my account on back of the check) and then close that account?

  • Te
      3rd of Dec, 2008
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    Recieved the letter,
    Won $250, 000.00 in a consumer drawing for customer's of Walmart, Sears, Home Depot, Safeway etc.
    Includes a real check from Chase Bank (it is a real check) for $4760.00.
    After reading this, it is obvious that the check won't clear.
    I am going to Chase Bank to show them how they are being used to steal from people.
    I think everyone should go to the bank for the check written. Show them the letter and check. Let the check come back for insufficient funds to Show the bank how they are being manipulated into propogating an illegal activity.

  • Sa
      4th of Dec, 2008
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    I just recieved a letter and thank you all for writing. I almost deposited that check. It came from jp morgan chase bank in texas. boy it looks so real. i am glad i came on line to check these guys out. how do they get these checks?
    i was to contact victor martins or kathy huntar 1-866-856-9857 x1. it said it was from the office of t. branston winnipeg mb, canada for a consumer promotion draw. wow that was close

  • Rb
      9th of Dec, 2008
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    I also received a letter from Structural Funds Settlement informing me that I was one of the winners in the second category Sweepstakes Draw held on June 30, 2008, winning $275, 000.00 and a check drawn from CNA Holdings, Inc Citiank N.A. for $4, 750.00 to cover $3750.00 taxes on the winnings plus $80.00 charges for wire transfer. I was skeptical about the letter - as I kept hearing that "small tiny voice" of wisdom telling me: "If its too good to be true, then it is NOT true."

    But with the current economic situation, I wanted to believe that this was an unexpected blessing, an answer to prayers to put order in my life and finances. Good thing, the voice of wisdom whispered that i google and find out more about this company . Sure enough in searching for : Structural Funds Settlement in Canada, this site came up. These people should be stopped. I am grateful for the answered prayers to give me that wisdom to check out the internet.

  • Ad
      29th of Jan, 2009
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    looks like they are in the just received an email with this address.
    Standard Financial Company
    Hampton House
    20 Albert Embankments
    London SE17TJ
    Telephone: +447035966361. email as follows...Attention,

    This is to inform you that your contract/ wining lottery/inheritance funds that worth $6million Dollars have been approved for immediate delivery to you. For clarification, you are advised to reconfirm your contact information. Full Name, Address, Telephone and fax Number to avoid mistake during the process of payment. Your response will be appreciated.

    Best Regard,
    Mr. Jon Scourse. {Secretary}

    yea right. nice carrot... for a donkey to chase!

  • No
      28th of May, 2009
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    I just received a Structural Settlement Fund LLC. letter to inform me I won $253, 000.00. I was being cut a check for $4, , 395.25 (yes, the letter has two commas) to wire my tax payment of #3, 325.00 to the following:
    Jose Dunns
    7355 Dufferine Street
    Toronto Ontario
    M3N 2N3, Canada

    My claim agent is Richard Williams @ 1 (775) 865-6877

    The letter was written by:
    Arlen Garcia
    Promotion Manager

  • Be
      26th of Aug, 2009
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    So I just received a letter in the mail from atlas financial agencies inc. and the letter stated that I was a 2nd prize winner in the second category of the USA Mega (under the international Sweepstake) draw held on April 16th, 2009 and subsequently won US $485, 000.00. I recieved a check for 4800.00 and was asked to contact Mr. Bob Stephen's as my claim agent and that the chief financial officer was James Oliver. I unfortunately did deposit the check into my financial institution and am now worried that I may have to pay penalties now due to believing that like previously mentioned there was a prayer for this economic crisis. I want to take these people down, there has to be something that we could do to put these people to a stop! If anyone has any ideas or if anyone else also deposited a check please email me at Thanks, I am going to contact a law enforcement agency and see if there is anything that can be done to stop these people and if I find out anything I will post it on this site.

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