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Stainsafe Wickes / Stainsafe and Wickes practically have a system to make more money!

1 United States

I purchased the stain safe warranty from Wickes Furniture for a sectional I purchased. Stainsafe came to my home because of a claim I made, and determined the couch needed replacement cushions. 8 weeks later I called inquiring about my cushions since they said it would take 4-6 weeks to receive, and I had yet to receive them. They said the claim had been closed since I, the consumer did not call to verify what the technician had already told them. They reopened the claim and said they would be sending out the cushions. I called 8 weeks after that, and was once again told the claim had been closed because I, the consumer did not follow up.

To make a long story short, it's been almost a year since the original claim was made, and I have finally gotten somewhere. Stainsafe offered me a stored credit for the purchase price of the couch because the manufacturer has discontinued my couch. It sounds like a great deal right? Well considering I redecorated my entire living room around my couch, and only purchased my couch from Wickes because they had the only couch I could find to fit my small living room, it's really not a great deal. To make matters worse, I will have to pay tax on my couch $80, pay for delivery for the new couch $86, pay to have the fabric treated again $110 and pay for the warranty again if I decide to go with it $130.

I spent $406 the first time with tax, delivery, fabric treatment and a warranty! Now I will have to pay that again. That's wrong. They should be crediting me for the exact amount I spent, not just the cost of the furniture itself. At this time I am trying to get stainsafe to carry my warranty over to my new couch. At this point they refuse to do it. They said once I USE my warranty I lose my warranty. Try telling that to a lawyer that can read between the lines.

The way I see it, these companies are making a bundle. I pay twice the amount for the extras, they take the old couch back, fix it for next to nothing and resell it again. They just profited off of my loss.

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