Staff Behavior / Shay howe

1 Bendigo, Victoria, Australia

I have been shopping at Golden Square Safeway Woolworth since it first opened, i have had no problems with staff or the store i am quite satisfied with this store.But on the 19th of August i entered the store to do my shopping and was confrounted by this staff member (Shay Howe) and was attacted by abuse.the result of this mad me very upset and i couldn't breath.other staff members assisttelling me had witnessed all of this, She all so told my son he was not alowed in the store, i had spoke to other members and they said she had no right to stop him from coming into the store just because she dont seem to like him .he has a disability and likes to talk to all the staff and likes to help with the shopping i also have a lung disease and need my son to help me with the shopping as i run out of breath walking around the store, i don't think this behavour from a staff member is appreciated by me or any one else that shops at this store

Aug 25, 2016

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