St. Vincent Hospitalniece with cerebral palsy after medical negligence


Somehow I got to this site and I hope I can obtain some suggestions.

In 2013 my sister was carrying a normal pregnancy, no high blood pressure, no gestational diabetes, absolutely nothing at all.

One day, she started having a discharge (not sure right now what color), maybe sort of yellowish if I can remember correctly. This happened on a Saturday, she called St Vincent and when she talked to a nurse, she said to monitor the amount of fluid being discharged, and if it soaked a female pad within certain amount of time, to come in, which we ended up doing.

When we got to the ER, my sister was treated by a resident I believe, she confirmed through a test that my sister had an "infection" and that thr fluid leaking was not amniotic fluid and we were sent home, but I wish we would have known better.

The following Tuesday my sister started having cramps, which sent her directly to the ER again. When she got there, they informed her that she needed to be admitted immediately and have the baby as soon as possible. She had my niece who came out of the wound literally "dry, " not much left amniotic fluid there was, obviously!, she's been leaking since Saturday! My sister was admitted and had my niece naturally, no C/section was even offered, which could've probably avoid the damage my niece received to her brain which lead them to diagnose my niece with Cerebral Palsy. A few hours after the delivery, many people from the neonatal and obgyn department came in contact with my sister and someone apparently said they would look into what happened simce they knew she had just come in to the ER on that previous Saturday.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Indianapolis, INNoone ever came back to give an explanation as of why she was sent back home and not admitted, when what she was leaking was obviously amniotic fluid.
My niece was born with 2lb, she lived the first 3-4 months of her life in the NICU, with many tubes and stickers all over her body. One day one of the doctors in the NICU is who informed my sister of the possible damage to her brain. I don't remember exactly when, but my sister was diagnosed with CP, which has affected her muscles, making them extremely stiffen; my niece doesn't have control of her muscle movement and wears glasses since very little to correct crossing her eyes.
My niece is now 4 years old, doesn't walk yet (she crosses her legs and feet a lot), she can barely hold a cracker with one of her hands, can't hold a sippy cup up, unless with assistance, she has been doing all kinds of therapies since a very young age; my niece needs assistance for everything, even to play and to hold a crayon, she is now on a type of medicaid for disabled, which sometimes even denies some therapies that could possibly benefit her and hopefully help her walk one day; my sister hasn't been able to sustain a full time job ever since my niece was born, due to the numerous doctor's appointments and different therapies she is currently having; my sister and her husband struggle each day or sometimes at the end of the month when it is time to pay the house, pay bills, and to cover for any other expenses.
I am almost 100% for certained that there was medical negligence against my sister who was a first time mom and who was treated with a lack of knowledge about what was seriously going on. If something would have been done on that Saturday, maybe I wouldn't be writing this right now.
I feel bad for my sister, I feel her and her family deserved better and still do.
I would love to hear what you think and if there is any approach we need to take . Thanks for reading.

May 11, 2017

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