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St Vincent Clay Hospital Medical Group / Discrimination

1 Brazil, IN, United States

Hello, My name is Tanya Ruth Reynolds. I am a Family Nurse Practitioner and have recently undergone some significant health issues but am getting back on my feet and am looking for full time employment. I have lived in this small town community that I call home since 1990 and started my nursing career at Clay County Hospital that was eventually bought by St. Vincents.

Because it is a small community and I know many individuals it only seemed logical that I would want to take care of the people in this community. I have applied for a position with St. Vincent Clay Medical Group 3 different occasions since 2012 and have been passed by each time. I was interviewed in 2012 and was honest about my breast cancer, which I am a survivor. I didn't want full time in 2012 and that is what they needed so I understand why I was not offered that position.

For the last 5 1/2 years I worked in a psych office but on the side have worked for a Hospice company that would be considered primary care medicine. I have applied to St. Vincent Medical Group/Hospital twice in the last year and was not even offered an interview. The first decline I didn't think anything about it and even told my PCP that works in the community and is on the board at the hospital that I thought I was being purposefully overlooked because of my health issues. Of course I do not feel that he has any say in the matter but since I do live in this community I chose to go to the hospital when I was ill so they do have access to my medical records.

This last time I was denied an interview was the eye opener. I truly feel that Ii am being discriminated against due to my health issues. I have a friend that is a Mason. Mason's have friends that are "brother Masons" pretty much everywhere. Through him I was told that I was "being blackballed" and that he couldn't give me his source and he "didn't know the exact reasons why but they would not consider me for a job".

Speaking for myself, I am loyal and trustworthy and a great asset to any company. It is true that I would have to refresh my primary care knowledge, however I have been a Family Nurse Practitioner for nearly 13 years and have had enough exposure to many different scenarios that it would not take me long to be able to work without difficulty. With any new job it takes any provider some time to adjust and learn what each facilities requirements are to fulfill and follow their mission statement. The number one goal should be patient care and not money. I am very conscientious and caring and to be turned down by the very hospital/medical group that I feel is my home is very disheartening. I assume in the future I will not choose to use St Vincent Hospital for any reason.

I have been loyal to the company as a patient for years and have defended this small community hospital no matter what because it is my home. No longer will I be able to defend St. Vincents due to the discrimination that I have experienced.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Tanya Ruth Reynolds, FNP-BC

Jul 12, 2015

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