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St. Rose Hospitals / Scam and cheating

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It is very clear evil hearted money hungry mongers run St. Rose Hospital in Nevada rather than what they portray to be... Catholic. I recently had my 3rd surgery at their hosp. Because my flex plan was going to expire (use it or lose it plan) their administrators told me, I could pay them for my visit in advance and I could also pay for the surgeon and anesthesiologist and they would pay them... this was to make sure my savings in my flex plan was applied to my health care and not lost because their billing may come later. So... I paid them $1, 500 at the time of surgery. They did not pay the doctor or anesthesiologist as promised. My share after insurance of their bill was $436.00, leaving a balance of $1, 014 for the doctor and anesthesiologist, however, they did not pay these doctors as promised. 5 months after the surgery they sent me a letter stating that unless they hear from me in 10 days they were going to apply the remainder of my money to my son's bill from 4 1/2 years ago. First, I was on vacation and did not get the letter until I returned which was approximately 4 days after their deadline, second, that bill they applied my money to is my son's bill, not my bill. It was his responsibility and they demanded that I find paperwork to prove to them that he was living on his own and this was not my responsibility. Why should I go through those expenses and trouble gathering his private paperwork, all they have to to is bill him which I had told them for years to do but they refused. I even gave them his address. I argued with them for four months. My employer even told them, the money from my flex plan according to law was for my health care alone, so their reasoning behind keeping my money was wrong, inappropriate and needed to be returned on those grounds.

This was my third surgery with them, I had not only paid for this one in advance, but I paid in full for my two previous surgeries. Obviously if there was a problem with payment from me for a fourth bill from four years prior, my current payments should have shown there definitely was a problem that should have seriously been addressed and a certain amount of respect and dignity given to me. What is totally despicable in all of this is that after my second surgery, I had every right to sue their hospital for negligence and mistreatment by the nursing staff (who were to lazy and worried about maybe having to clean up any mess THAT MAY OCCUR rather than caring for me and my health). Their excuse was I might get sick if they gave me water, but their lack in giving me water, even just to rinse, (which didn't make any sense) or even a wet wash cloth was unthinkable and negligent when they could very clearly see a quarter inch of crud (yeast) around my mouth after waking from the surgery. This crud left me unable to speak clearly, burned blisters into my lips and of course was completely uncomfortable in the first 12 hours after a major surgery... removal of an extremely large tumor and total hysterectomy. I had to leave the hospital that night in order to get help. The police had to go to their hospital to find out what in the world they could possibly after seeing my condition. Get this, I didn't call the police... this stupid hospital did and their excuse... because I left the hospital. While I am sure the police handled their end very well, I also filed a written complaint with the director of their hospital. I never did get a satisfactory response and I should have filed a legal complaint with the courts, but I was just to sick and weak for so long I just couldn't deal with one more problem or relive it again so I let it drop.

You would think they would be appreciative. No, of course not, they are going to abuse me some more. SATANIC ROSE HOSPITAL... MONEY HUNGRY GREEDY WICKED PEOPLE! I will die before I go to one more hospital for any health care. I am sick and tired and would rather rest forever than deal with anymore despicable heartbreaking pigs like this again.


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