st regis bora bora / honeymoon stay

1 United States

1. St Regis did not know we were arriving when we did. They did not have anyone available at the St. Regis podium at the Bora Bora Airport. We got lucky that one of the other resort's staff located someone for us, otherwise we would have been stranded at the airport.

2. Our room was not ready when we reached the resort. We had asked for Villa 229 or any villa around there, but received Villa 204 which was located in another part of the resort.

3. When we reached the villa, we found that there were lights that didn't work, tiles that were cracked and missing, the rain shower was not working properly, and the toilet had a dead bolt that was missing.

4. We had to request turn down service and house keeping almost every day because they did not show up on their own.

5. We requested on numerous occasions for new glasses but never received them.

6. One of the sinks never had a bar of soap throughout the week that we were there.

7. We did not have a St. Regis bag in our room like everyone else received.

8. They left old ice buckets and champagne glasses on our table without replacing them with clean ones until the last day of our stay.

9. Breakfast and dinner service was horrible at Te Pahu. It seemed that staff wasn't sure what to do. We would receive our water and tea when we were almost finished with our meal (we had leisurely meals which were approximately an hour long). They were extremely slow.

10. At the sushi restaurant, we had a waitress that did not know anything about sushi. She did not understand our orders. She had to continuously go and ask someone else our questions.

11. We signed up for the Polynesian buffet and show because we were told that only people who signed up for it were able to participate. We told the concierge that my wife was vegetarian and we were told that everything would be taken care of. When we got to the buffet, we were seated behind others and had our view obstructed by a big pole while people who were sitting at the bar were able to watch the show for free and were allowed to move chairs so that they had the best seats in the house. Also, when we got to the buffet, the staff did not know what dishes if any were vegetarian. My wife was then given a plate of grilled vegetable (approximately $40) and a Caprese salad ($30) which was served to her after everybody else had finished their meals and the show starting.

12. We had the Honeymoon picnic which was supposed to be romantic. Instead, what we got was a nightmare. We were taken to the island where they handed us paper bags with box lunches. The staff then left with the canoe. They didn't mention when they would be back. There was no one to serve us. We didn't even have our table set up for us, I guess it was assumed that we would just do it ourselves. The table was too small for our food. When we were finished, we had no way off the island. We waved and screamed at the staff at the resort who completely ignored us. I than had to go swimming across the channel in my designer clothes to find a canoe so that I could go back and bring my wife to the resort safely. During this endeavor, my pinky nail was severed in half and bleeding profusely (it still is healing almost 3 weeks after the injury). Now I am an ob/gyn who delivers babies and does major surgery, and this injury makes it very hard to do either. When we asked to see the manager, we were directed to an assistant manager who assured us that we would talk to the manager personally later in the afternoon (we never did see him/her). The assistant manager than left us a bottle of champagne in our room (we are not champagne drinkers). We thought this was inappropriate as it would have meant much more if the manager had talked to us and assured us that we wouldn't receive such shoddy service in the future. Also, we doubt that the island is sprayed for bugs like the rest of the resort, because my wife was bitten by bugs more in that 1 hour than the rest of the trip. Her leg was swollen from the sheer number of bug bites and had a lot of difficulty walking during the rest of the trip.

13. We also noticed that the ice machine broke 3 times during the week that we were there and one of the time it took over a day to fix.

14. When we asked for plastic cups at the bar, we were given used cups with one of the cups with stains that were clearly lipstick.

15. When we were at the pool, we called for ice that we never received even after waiting for 1 hour. On another day, we requested the lights be turned on and which they did after I called an additional 2 times and waited for almost 45 minutes.

16. Housekeeping would come at 7am to try and refill the mini bar even though we did not use the mini bar.

17. We were told that travel for dinner on the island was supplied by the restaurant for free. When we went to Bloody Mary's, we were charged for travel. For such a small island and population, one would think that St. Regis would be on top of the local restaurant rules and any changes that have been applied so that they can inform their guests.


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