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St. Joseph's Hospital / Terrible experience

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On May 23d, 2008, I was transferred to St Joseph's Hospital from Wynn Army Hospital (Fort Stewart) with gallbladder problems.

On Saturday, 24 May, I had a procedure to determine whether a stone had blocked the bile duct. After returning to my room (715-A), I was visiting with my youngest daughter, CASEY, when the nurse came in. (Unfortunately, I can not remember her name. It should be easy enough to check your schedule to determine who she was.)

She gave me a form, and said "You need to sign this so they can do your 'lapri-coley' tomorrow". (Yes, that’s the way she said it.)

I told her I wasn't going to sign anything until the Doctor came and explained what the procedure entailed.

My daughter, Casey, started telling me what it was, simply because SHE had had her gallbladder removed several years before.

The nurse turned to her and said, "Well, why don't YOU tell him all about it?"

My daughter replied that she couldn't, because she wasn't a nurse.

The nurse then stated, "Well, you seem to know everything ELSE!"

With that, she stormed out of the room.

I asked my daughter to get me "SOMEONE, ANYONE" from the Patient Representatives Office.

She came back with a young lady named 'Sandy'.

Sandy identified herself as the Hospital Supervisor.

I explained what had just occurred, and told her "Two things are about to happen, now!"

I told her that I was either going HOME, or I was going to be moved away from this nurse!

Within the hour, I was moved to another room, (723), by myself.

My daughter stayed with me there for a couple hours. The nurses did NOT check on me for at least two and a half hours.

Then, I was left alone for several MORE hours.

I had left my urinal in the first room, and really needed it.

I called the nurses station, and FINALLY got them to bring it to me, by threatening to urinate over the floor if I didn't get it.

My problem is this:

It's been two weeks now, and I haven't heard ANYTHING from the hospital Administrators.

Is this the sort of thing that is buried when the patient leaves the hospital??

I have been a patient there on three earlier occasions, NEVER with anything like this happening.

I would hope that the offending nurse has been disciplined for her lack of professionalism. Yes, I DO know how a nurse is supposed to carry out her duties: My oldest daughter, Jennifer, is a Registered Nurse, and has been such for over ten years now.

I had hoped that I would have heard something of an apology from the nurse by now. Since I haven't, I'm assuming that it got swept under the rug and forgotten. However, I will NOT simply forget it!

Therefore, I am filing a complaint with the local medical board and my doctors.

Further, I will not be returning to St Joseph's Hospital system for any of my healthcare needs..


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