St John's Pleasant Valley Subacute / Doctor Complaint

1 2309 Antonio , Camarillo, CA, United States

No follow thru on care. Doctor in charge of care of patents in subacute prescribed anti biotic to a patient. Without telling patient of side effects and why he was getting it and alternative drugs available. Plus, Doctor did not even physically see patient, that he is suppose to do by law every 30 days. He had only seen him once in a year and half. If he had read his charts, he would of noticed he had that antibiotic too many times and should if physically told patient and tried a alternative then when drug caused hearing loss the doctor ignored patients complaints and did nothing. Then when removed from case, claimed he new nothing of hearing complaints Now patient is having complications from hearing loss. Has tubes in ear, where because of poor nursing, he had gotten infections and cannot get hearing test. Which was asked for over 3 months or more ago.

Sep 03, 2014

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