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St George Bank / Read this be for you bank with them

1 Queensland, Australia
Contact information:

To Manager Ashgrove Branch,

CC: Customer relations, Janet@ Credit Card support, CEO St George Bank.

Thank you for your time yesterday.

Here is the recovered email sent to on the 10 Feb. 2009 and the response dated 12 Feb. 2009 from St George Bank at bottom of letter.

I was pointed to the terms and conditions ( to Part 35 “Terms and conditions of our cards” from your 133330 call centre. As St George Bank keeps referring to policy and won’t budge a bit so I found this, please point me out if I am wrong at any time or failed to see any other terms.

Part 35.9 says “you use the credit button” or “you use the card number” to make a purchases, we may choose not to authorise a proposed transaction If we give an authorisation; we reduce the available funds on your Account by up to the amount of the authorisation.

The big problem with this is that I did not use the Button or number to make a purchases and have told St George Bank by Telephone, E-mail and in a Branch (Ashgrove) about this, so why is St George Bank still failing to comply with its own Terms and conditions by still allowing it to be Authorised.

I hope 35.10 applies cause it only says “Credit” button and does not refer to any other means Unlike 35.9 that says “credit” button and card number.

If this offence took place on the net, you could only use the card number.

As being told that the people you contacted cannot find my e-mail that I sent to them on the 10 Feb. but the St George e-mail to me is in relation to the other suggests otherwise.

It’s nice to know that St George Bank can show great moral courage by preaching the company policies to its customers in temporary financial hardship to reasons beyond their control, (fraud on their account) that has a Medical condition (Anxiety type Disorder), That was told to a customer relations officer on a 1800 number and to the Ashgrove branch, then to be offered the money in question if it was still there on the 15 Feb 09 or to be able to overdraw my account by about $20 plus interest in the mean time...

I know St George Bank is a business that has to make money but when a company’s policy cause hardship to its customers you should really consider their stance, because initive goes along way with the sales reputation of a business in the community.

Thanks for your time.

Peter Fxxxx



Hi there I’m peter fxxxx

I had 2 UNAUTHORISED transactions on my account from EPOCH.COM for an amount >$79 in total on Sunday via VISA.

I spoke to EPOCH.COM and told them about this, they in turn refunded the amount.

I have found out from 133322 (St George) today that to call them to get a fax on letterhead from EPOCH.COM so that St George will undo the Visa transaction.

I spoke to EPOCH.COM and the following conversation follows:

[8:20 PM] peter fxxxx has joined the room

[8:20 PM] billing2588 has joined the room

[8:22 PM] billing2588:
How can I assist you?

[8:22 PM] peter fxxxx:
could I get a fax sent to my bank saying that a refund is coming to me from epoch

[8:24 PM] billing2588:
I am not showing that you have an account with

[8:24 PM] billing2588:
Do you have the first four and last four of your card number?

[8:24 PM] peter fxxxx:
4xxx 5xxx

[8:26 PM] billing2588:
Yes, I show a refund was issued 2 days ago, refunds take 3 -5 business days to post back into your account. Unfortunately, I could not send you a fax, you can have them call us and we can inform them of the refund.

[8:26 PM] billing2588:
I am not certain they would release the funds.

[8:27 PM] billing2588:
But we could confirm it if they called.

[8:27 PM] peter fxxxx:
st george needs the fax to release before let latest 15feb09

[8:27 PM] peter fxxxx:
I will ask

[8:27 PM] billing2588:
Thank you for contacting Epoch Billing Support.

[8:27 PM] peter fxxxx:

[8:28 PM] peter fxxxx:
what number should i get them to use

[8:28 PM] billing2588:

[8:28 PM] peter fxxxx:

[8:29 PM] billing2588:
Thank you for contacting Epoch Billing Support.

[8:29 PM] billing2588 has left the room

[8:29 PM] peter fxxx has left the room


[8:56 PM] peter fxxx has joined the room

[8:56 PM] billing6007 has joined the room

[8:56 PM] billing6007:
how can i help you?

[8:56 PM] billing6007:
we do not send fax

[8:57 PM] peter fxxx:
My bank told me to ask..

[8:57 PM] billing6007:
no sorry we do not send any fax

[8:58 PM] peter fxxx:
can i ask why? so i can tell my bank it ref to any Unauthorised transaction

[8:59 PM] billing6007:
you can have your bank give us a call

[8:59 PM] billing6007:
Please give us a call so that we may assist you further.


[8:59 PM] peter fxxxx:
i just spoke to them, they said no because they need it on letter head

[9:00 PM] billing6007:
you can fax us these charges you are seeing and then you call us EPOCH Corporate Fax Number [protected]

[9:00 PM] peter fxxx:
anyone there

[9:01 PM] billing6007:
Please give us a call so that we may assist you further.


[9:01 PM] billing6007:
unfortunately we cannot fax any information

[9:02 PM] peter fxxx:
Thanks for your help. is the a email to your coy so I can send a report about the unauthorised money taken from my account

[9:03 PM] billing6007:

[9:03 PM] billing6007:
thank you have a good day

[9:03 PM] peter fxxx:

[9:03 PM] billing6007 has left the room

[9:03 PM] peter fxxx has left the room

What I want is my money into my account fix NOW. Not by the 15 of Feb 2009.

Peter xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

10 Feb 2009

xx xxxx St

Gaythorne QLD 4051


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Afternoon James,

Thank you for your email dated 10/2/09.

I have investigated the holds on your account and as you have correctly stated they will not be available until the 15th Feb.

I believe you have been informed that we can't release these funds unless we receive a fax from the merchant stating that they no longer need these funds. This information is correct, because if we release the funds, you make other transactions or withdraw the money, and the merchant still processes the transaction, this may cause your account to overdraw, which will incur a fee. It may also lead to other transactions being declined or dishonoured.

This position is to protect all our customers, including merchants. Most companies are happy to send a fax to us to release funds no longer required.

As to the processing of refunds, this is entirely up to the merchant's bank as to how and when they are processed. These are not placed on hold by St George and are credited to your account as soon as they are received by us.

If you have any further enquires, do not hesitate to contact us by email or phone [protected].





This document should be read only by those persons to whom

it is addressed and its content is not intended for use by

any other persons. If you have received this message in

error, please notify us immediately. Please also destroy and

delete the message from your computer. Any unauthorised form

of reproduction of this message is strictly prohibited.

Bank SA, a division of St George Bank Limited AFSL 240997, is not liable for the proper

and complete transmission of the information contained in this communication, nor for any delay in its receipt.


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