St. Andrews Kids Academy of Early Learning / How the teachers treat kids & parents

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My 4 year old son had been going to St. Andrews academy for the past 2 yrs. He went from wanting to stay at day care because it was fun to being so scared to stay with one of the teachers Ms. Marty. For about 2 months he would cry every single morning when I would drop him off and every day he would tell me and my husband that he wanted to stay home and that "Ms. Marty is loud and mean. She doesn't let me use the potty during nap time." I told Crystal the owner of St. Andrews my concern and what he had been saying. She told me that she would look into it. The next couple days after nothing seemed to have changed, I talked to Crystal again and she told me that nothing was going on, that the kids are not being mean to him and neither were the teachers, and that he just wanted to be by himself and cry at different times. I tried thinking that he just was going through some type of toddler stage and he wanted to stay home, or that he was just an emotional kid. I pulled everything out of the sky to figure out why he was complaining about this one teacher, not wanting to go to day care every single day. It finally came to a point where my son was so afraid to be left there that he was throwing up. I had Ms. Jonanna, Ms. Nicole, and Ms. Marty (the one he was constantly complaining about) all in the kitchen on one of the mornings I dropped him off to express my concerns as a parent and try and get them to understand the fear he has. They looked at me like I had no business talking to them about this and Nicole told me that they tried everything and he has emotional issues. Ms. Marty started smirking and slamming draws and storming around the daycare, not once stepping in and defending herself or taking any part of a conversation that is about her. Crystal called me not 30 minutes later sounding defensive, and pretty much had the same thing to say to me. At this point how all those teachers acted toward the confrontation that was just a parent trying to get help in figuring out why her son is so terrified to stay at day care all of a sudden. I spoke with a woman who knows my son and knows the center. When I told her the story they said if my son is telling me Marty is doing something to him to pull him and not take him back because Marty is so mean o those kids and doesn't know what she does to them and that other parents left because of this woman. I also went to ELC and filed a complaint through them and the staff member there had told me another parent just transferred their child as well from there. In the past 2 weeks that my son has not been in that day care he has been a much happier child and doens't cry at random times because he knows he aint going back. Just the change from being pulled says it all and I hope that no other child has to go through the emotional abuse that these women give out. I have tried filing complaints with everything I can on this center and trying to get them investigated but I am getting the run around.

Oct 6, 2014

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