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SSSFP / Charter's &improved& e-mail

1 United States

I had absolutely no problems with the previous Charter e-mail interface, it was the only thing I really liked about Charter.

The "improved" e-mail now shows advertisements that actually block my ability to read e-mails. I PAY for this service, why should I be looking at an ad for a credit card company, on a service that I pay the PREMIUM price for.

The "improved" service is mysterious and confusing, and when the SEND function has a problem, it simply SENDs forever, it does not appear to time out or give the user any option but to CTR ALT DEL the entire process.

The presentation interface is inefficient, and requires me to close the CONTACT list every time I try to see my mail, because the new interface is crowded with an ADVERTISEMENT on the border that cannot be removed.

Give us back the old interface! Surely the FCC has a rule against forces us to see advertisements on a PAID service (!?)


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