s&s partner management / gross, uncompetent apartment management

1 220 archer drive sherman, tx 75090, Denison Sherman, TX, United States
Contact information:
Phone: (903) 892-8380

These two foreigners claim to be a "partner management", which if a complete joke. I had the unfortunate experience of living in one of their apartment complexes in Denison, TX, called the Circle Apartments. During the 4 months I lived there the sink stopped up three times and the "maintenance man" (owner, partner management jerk) said it was because I put cat litter down it. I was shocked, because who puts cat litter in the sink of all places? when this kept happening and he continued to accuse me, I finally hired a plumber out of pocket to correct the problem. The plumber brought up the biggest wad of hair and slime I have ever seen-not cat litter as the jerk said. Also, on a daily basis my glue traps caught at least 20 roaches, some other bugs and one-three rats a day. I have never had to live like this, and take my trash out daily, as well as do dishes each time I eat to maintain cleanliness. The maintenance man/owner said this was normal, and they would go out eventually. I thought to myself, "normal???" Also, there was a prostute that roamed the property looking for clients. When I couldn't take it anymore and decided to pay the additional fees to break the lease, the apartment upstairs caught on fire. The management blamed the tennant, although the fire marshall said faulty wiring was the cause-the stove would not properly turn off. SHe was not offered other loging or any help and they tried to force her to pay for an apartment, which no one could live in, a it had been burned and taped off by the police and fire marshall. The air conditioner was out for four days because the maintenance man was to busy, and before I left I photographed the black mold growing on the walls to turn over to the health inspector and the BBB. The management never gave me my deposit back, of course, since I was glad to leave (and forced by the fire). They refused to saying the apartment was left dirty. Hello, there was a fire upstairs, how clean is it going to be?? For your health and best interest-never move into Norwegian Woods in Sherman, TX or the Circle Apartments in Denison, TX.

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