SRS travels / Driver Irresponsibility and Staff Arrogance

1 Bangalore, India

I have booked a ticket on 24th Dec from Tadepalligudem to Bangalore and DOJ is 28th Dec.The came at 7pm to boarding point in Tadepalligudem, that time they called asked me where are you, i told im very near to point just wait 5 mins.After that i called many times when i was on the way but they didn't respond.I reached the boarding point exactly at 7:07 pm.That time bus was no t there it has already left, so i again called driver he didn't respond then i called SRS office he has given irresponsible answer.Do you think was that fair, because of drivers irresponsibility and SRS office memebers arrogance i missed the bus.Im ready to provide the call recordings also.One straight thing i want is my money back at any cost.

FYI...Irresponsible Driver Number:[protected]
Arrogant SRS Staff Number:[protected]

Dec 31, 2014

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