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This company has fairly nice facilities, but its management is terrible. They understaff and then try to force families to hire private "sitters" (at $13+ per hour) to do the job Sunrise Senior Living is paid to do. The Sunrise staff has some good people. The management fail to return calls, are rarely ever on the property and have no interest in service. In sum, Sunrise charges high fees and provides low quality care. The recent lawsuits I have read about only confirm my experience.


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      Jan 08, 2008
    SRS - Worst mobile service

    Resp. sir,
    About 6 month ago i purchased LG C2600 mobile phone from branded mobile shoppee. Sir I have original bill of that purchasing.BUT before 2 months my mobile had problem with MAIN BOARD CARD as mobile shop owner told me. Since that day my mobile is switched off till today. Whenever i went to mobile shop 4 changing that card he always told me that there was shortage of MAIN BOARD CARD of C2600 model.. IS it right? that u have really shortage of this card???...
    Please help me... I need this mobile 4 my routine work...


    AS soon as possible send the MAINBOARD card to this shop 4 my mobile's well being...please sir ....

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      Aug 16, 2009

    I have had a similar bad experience with Sunrise in the UK. High prices and gloss which mask appalling management and poor standards of care. I am just about to move my mother from a Sunrise establishment, having completely lost confidence in them. Basically, none of the management give a damn, although the carers themselves do their best.

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      Jan 18, 2010
    SRS - Jessica Smith
    New York
    United States

    Ms. Jessica Smith called and left a message for a family member on my cell phone. I called her back to inquire why she was calling my cell phone for this person and how she got my number. She played games on the phone instead of telling me that it was her. I asked for her because she left her name and she was playing games on the phone and then hung up on me after being very rude. I WILL take this complaint further about her rude and unprofessional behavior. This is the first step. She has no right to behave in this manner to me or her clients.

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