Sri Venkata Sai Developers, Hyderabad / Defective Construction

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have purchased a flat in the first floor with the above developers in the year 2006. It was registered on my name in the 2007. Later, though he agreed to give the apartment by the end of June, 2007, it was not complete until 2008 end. But due to financial crisis, I had to give it for rent in 2008, June. Soon after the tenants landed in the flat, they noticed the electrical wiring was not done properly, no electrical connection in the balconies, no proper flooring in the toilets and the major concern was there was a severe leakage from one of the pillars. I had complained to the builder and he didnt take any kind of actiton against this. The whole apartment leaks very badly. But in my flat, the leakage can be found within the flat. The whole wall is destroyed. The builder speaks in a very reckless manner, the way he and his family responds is in a very abusive manner. I have paid the whole amount. There is no occupation certificate given by him until now. He is not taking care of the issue. One more infromation is I have moved to the flat in the month of March, 2009. From then on, I have invested my own money to rectify the problem but the plumbers(I have shown it to many people) are unable to find the source of leakage. I would be very greatful if some one can help me with this problem. When I moved to the flat, there were no bolts to the doors, no proper wiring etc to the flat. I have purchased everything on my own and placed it. i have the bills with me. But I am unable to rectify this problem. I have totally invested almost 1, 00, 000 on this flat after I moved to this. Now I am in severe financial crisis as my health degraded and I have to undergo surgery to my left ear. Under this circumstances I cannot invest any kind of money on this and the problem has increased a lot. Now we are afraid the leakage may lead to short circuit as there are electric connections to that side of the wall and tube light is in between the moistured wall. Pls help me.


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