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Agreed. I purchased a list from SRC Leads presented as "HOT LEADS" for my particular industry. After a few calls to lead prospects that have been dead for more than 10-yrs, I started asking if they remembered answering any survery within the past few months and were they infact expecting to be contacted by someone, like me, as a result. THEY ALL SAID NO! No surveys, not expecting contact, no interest in my industry. Besides that, from talking with these prospects, it did not appear that any of them would have qualified for my services anyway. All of these complaints above and below mine, tell my story again. You should not go where I have been with SRC Leads. I lost more respect & interest for SRC Leads then money, and I lost a lot of money. -Bill K.

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      Jul 09, 2009

    The Survey Resource Center has been around for more than 11 years! They are member of the BBB! All of these complaints are from cry babies that can't sell if their life depended on it or decided to keep a copy of the list and request a refund! Ultimately, their goal was to cheat the company out of a good faith guarantee! No company in the USA can scam people for more than eleven years unless they're calling all the agents using the service a ###! Cry babies, go back to college and learn a skill or go and flip hamburgers! Coffee's for closers!

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      Nov 16, 2009

    Jay you a more or less an employee for sure. Just FYI, I invented the word Boiler Room and I close 35 Loans per months and I am considered one of the top Loan Originators in the nation. That is SALEs my friend along with many other skills. Such as DON’T LIE TO MY CLIENT!

    With that said, you are clearly missing the point. You cannot SELL customers “US” they we are buying Leads that where generated by Surveys in which the home owner filled out and mailed back to SRC, and then turn around after we paid and provide us with Fired Chicken or what is called Public Record Title Farm Packets.

    Now correct me if I am wrong when I was in COLLEGE we learned this in SALES 101 to never LIE TO customer! So what the Hell are you talking about? Oh…I see you went to Back Yard University. Make sense now. So sorry.

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  • R
      Feb 06, 2010

    "mdfaulk99" ...

    You have just made a complete ### of yourself.

    Should you have paid attention in English class, that is, I'm talking High school - then perhaps you'd know how to grammatically structure your thoughts as you type.

    You're all over the place ... For starters, you begin with this sentence:

    "Jay you a more or less an employee for sure."

    Like, are you on downers or something? It sounds like you're drooling all over yourself and began typing before you passed out. (laughs).

    Then you end it like this:

    "Make sense now. So sorry."

    It all makes sense - you're a freakin idiot !!

    -Random reviewer

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      Jun 18, 2010

    I want to WARN anyone who is considering doing business with SRC Lists or SRC Leads or whatever name they are using. They are complete liars and you should not do business with them unless you just simply want to throw your money away.

    I have been in this industry for 15 years and have never seen anything so bold to rip off financial professionals trying to grow their business.

    This is what happened:

    I have been contacted by several different sales reps from SRC over the past 2 years. I first noticed a problem when one sales rep would tell me a different story from the previous sales rep.
    In a nutshell they claim to send out a "survey" with credit card statements to a demographic of people making over 100k per year that have CDs coming due within 90 days and these people check boxes on this survey indicating their personal information such as the value of their home and how much they have in CDs and when they are coming due and of course putting their phone number and signing their name to indicate they would like to be contacted by a financial professional to explore their options.


    They will tell you anything to have you send in your credit card.

    They told me they would send me the actual surveys these people filled out and this would come within a few days via UPS. They could not however provide me with a sample copy of one single person who had filled out a survey with their program.

    I also asked them for referrals of which they claimed they could not give me. After several weeks of trying to sale me the sales rep told me that a major insurance company regularly used their leads and agreed to provide me with a referral from one of their agents and have him call me.

    An agent did call me, however the only problem, was that the "agent" who called me was not the real agent, it was another sales rep from SRC impersonating a financial services professional from this major insurance company. He lied to me about his name and told me he worked for the insurance company and had used the leads from SRC every 3 months. It was immediately obvious to me he was lying because when I asked him a few simple questions about our industry he fumbled the answers and didn't really have any knowledge about our industry.

    I asked him what branch he worked out of and he told me so when we hung up I decided to call the branch and ask to speak to the agent who supposedly had just called me. Guess what...he had no idea what I was talking about because it was a different person. Later that night I called back the number the "agent" from the major insurance company had called me from and his voice mail had a different name and referenced his association with SRC.

    I decided to call to speak with the branch manager and explain the fraud and how someone from SRC was impersonating one of their agents. To my surprise the branch manager knew of SRC because the previous week she had spent $1, 500 for leads from SRC. She was FURIOUS not only because SRC was impersonating one of her agents but because she had just realized that she had also been ripped off by SRC and no one would return her calls from SRC after selling her the bogus leads.



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  • T
      Oct 12, 2010

    My experience with SRC leads mirrors that of most people on this board. I have yet to find anyone who remembers "requesting" information on financial products- much less addressing an envelope and mailing it in(after they affixed a stamp!) One person- who actually talked to me- asked me how his first name was spelled. When I told him he laughed and said thqat the only place he has it spelled that way was in the phone book. That's probably where SRC gets most of its leads and pawns them off on the unsuspecting for rapacious sums.

    If you are reading this while doing your due diligence RUN, don't walk, to the nearest exit! SRC is only there to steal your money.

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