Squaretrade Warranty By Costco / Impossible to register for warranty

1 Antioch, CA, United States

I bought two large TV's at Costco and also bought the additional warranties as my previous TV I bought from Costco a Vizio that I paid a lot of money for broke one month after Costco's store warranty expired and it could not be fixed one small light bulb and was told my several TV repair shops that it was trash! So since they can't seem to make things last more than one year I decided it was worth the extra $120.00 to buy warranties on both TV's. Well I did exactly what they told me to do yet it keeps being denied. Saying I did not send to the right place or the phone number they gave me to fax would not go through. I have been trying for 8 months to get them the receipt and even asked them if I could just mail them a copy but they refused. Now here is the odd things they know I bought them as they have my TV's in their system with model number and date of purchase but yet they still require me to send them a copy of my receipt or they say they will not honor my warranty. I have been given numerous email address' and they all are refused! So basically you just wasted your money. I will try and get a refund from Costco but I am sure the time has lapsed. When I was at Costco the other day I heard another customer complain and asked for Square Trades phone number and Costco did not even have their phone number. Having a contract with Costco must be a multi million dollar contract as they service all their products so I imagine if they lose their contract it will cause this company to go broke. If anyone else has had the same problem please post as we need to shut this scam down. Costco is a great store and I like shopping there but this company reflects their poor choices in selecting an A+ company to represent their company! I will keep you posted on how Costco responds to my complaint.

Jun 1, 2015

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