1 FT LAUDERDALE, United States

spirit air is horrible the agents are rude and please dont ask for a sup they'll stand around knowing you req to speak to them and wait until youve almost missed your flight to come assist you only to tell you that if you miss your flight that there is no standby policy and youll pay $110.00 plus what the next fair will cost you. They will never tell you in plain sight on their website about the late fees, bag fee and that the bag cant be transferred as well as other underminding tricks. Be careful with them they dont take complaints seriously customers are not always right. supervisors have the authority to waive absolutely anything, i have seen it done. They do however close the aircraft doors 10minutes before your flight departs.

btw forward all complaints to [protected]/11203 or [protected] ask for ben baldanza or general manager Brian Davis @[protected], sonia cruz director at [protected] Herb Sklarr at [protected], Toni Lafay in human resources

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