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I've been with sprint for roughly 15 years and I have never experienced this level of frustration when it comes to customer care and/or service. Spent nearly $1, 300 on a new iphone x along with accessories. Young lady suggested the lc wireless headset was great also…so I purchased one. It didn't work, kept saying "trying to connect" when I was out walking or running…music going in and out along the way. Brought it back to the store and they suggested that we do a courtesy exchange for which we did…received a pink one this time around. Should have known this was likely a return because it took over 30 minutes for the rep to get it to function properly…not to mention that parts were missing from the box. Why it was back on the store shelf for someone to purchase I don't understand!

Next day I returned it because the sound on the headset completely stopped working altogether. Turns out the store is now completely out of the same headset and they have no idea when they may get another shipment. Sprint reps ask that I return the lg headset to lc for warranty for which I did. Spent an add'l $7 for packing to do so. These headsets were purchased for an upcoming 5k run that I wasn't able to use at all. Took nearly 2 weeks for lg to return the headset without my original box, accessories and all. And, they also returned them "as is" stating "no defects found". Also, said that the return had an "invalid pop - different color." the rep was asked about this before I sent them to lg and he said that the courtesy exchange or color/#'s would not be a problem or concern.

Back to the store I go with the same headset to explain the above. Rep states that they can do an upgrade to the airpods at no cost. Then discovers there is a $40 difference in price.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Casselberry, FL Ok, i'll pay the difference…then determines that she can't because i'm in a lease. Informed her that I would not take another lg wireless headset for the third time around…who would at this point. This became a problem because now she has to submit a case to sprint and it would take 48 hrs for a response. Left headsets with store (although they tried to give them back to me) and waited…no response, so I gave her a call. It turns out that sprint will not allow me to change headsets for which I expected since she didn't call me back. Although, the store is in custody of my headset…I have nothing!!!

Decided I would call corp to no avail. Young man, john id#[protected] was helpful until he said that he didn't see that I purchased a lg wireless headset at all. Had to refer him to my statement where it is clearly reflected. Took notes and now he says I have to wait another 24-48 hrs to hear from his supervisor because there is absolutely no complaint dept at sprint. Yes, I asked for corp's complaint phone # as well as an email for your corp offices…have never seen anything like this. I've been a customer for 15 years and just spent nearly $1, 300 to upgrade, etc. Because sprint constantly sends me emails to do so. Even my son was with sprint for years under my account and now has his own with sprint, my daughter too. Rest assured if I do not hear from someone here soon, I am going to plaster this travesty all over social media, tell all of my friends, family, etc. Additionally, I would want a complete refund of everything I just purchased…let alone just the lg headset of $120. This is inexcusable…I can get the same phone from just about any other company!!! Don't sell lg wireless headsets if you're having terrible luck with them…be honest upfront!

Michelle bethea

May 21, 2018

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