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Springstead Engineering / Money scam

1 727 South 14th StreetLeesburg, FL, United States

I want to warn anyone who might be thinking about working for this company or seeking their services. Not only did they make my work life hell, they also ended up owing me money that they refuse to pay back. I know that they treat their customers about as well as their employees and there are plenty of people who will attest to that.

When I applied to work for Springstead Engineering I was supposed to be applying for a part time job. I am only a college student. Upon obtaining the job they automatically assumed that I would work full time every day 8 to 5 and find time to go to class when it was convenient for them.

When I started working there they told me that I would have to work 6 months and then they would supply me with health insurance. I did not recieve health insurance until I had been working there and fighting with them for 10 months. Then, I received 2 days worth of health insurance before they laid me off.

While I was working there as a RECEPTIONIST. They expected me to run errands for them, playing the part of FedEx, packing an extra hundred miles or so onto my vehicle over a course of time. I was told from the very beginning that they would compinsate me for mileage. Every time they would send me on a trip I would ask where I was supposed to record the mileage. Of course, a record sheet of some sort would be the logical thing to do. I was told to give my mileage to the Secretary and she would take care of it. I asked them several times and this is what I was told every single time. So now it is 2 months after I had been laid off and I am just now getting $15 for over 80 miles worth of travel and a nasty and sarcastic letter. All this just for wanting money I was promised

All I have to say is these people are extremely childish and ridiculous and if they owe you money you will be fighting with them for months over it.


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