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Spring Masters Canada / Don't Waste Your Time

1 Hamilton, Ontario, Canada Review updated:

DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME HERE. I worked there over the summer for about two weeks, maybe less. Those posters every spring go up all over town claiming "You can earn $100-$500 a day!" So bogus. So completely bogus. You have to be a completely great seller to make any decent money at this job, and let's face it, if you're a great seller you're NOT working at places such as Spring Masters; you'll be working at car dealerships or cell phone stores. Where you DON'T have to push a 100lb aerator machine around neighbourhoods all day long with no place to take a crap or eat.
Spring Masters hires people on as independent contractors. You don't work for SM technically, you're representing yourself. You're charged $10 a day to rent the aeration machine and then driven out to a route, handed a map, and left there for 13-ish hours (literally, from 8am-9pm). You don't know where you're gonna go to the bathroom at all day, and if you haven't packed a lunch, oops, you don't eat! Spring Masters likes to tell their people to "just use other people's bathrooms, " but in reality, what woman who's home alone all day will let some dirty, sweaty person into her house to use the bathroom? Not safe for her, how does she know who you are or that you can be trusted?
So you push this huge yellow "lawn mower on steroids" around, knock on doors, ask people if they want holes poked in their lawn, and sometimes you might get a "yes." Most of the time it's a "no, " because the people who work for Spring Masters are probably not the greatest sellers on the planet. Average Joe's just wanting to make some money to pay their bills. If you make any money at all, you give it all to SM at the end of your 13hr day and you get a percentage back from it. So many people work all day long and make NO money. People make $0 for all their efforts. But you still have to pay SM your $10 rental fee!
You begin the day at 8am at SM headquarters for an UNPAID training session, then around 10am you're driven out to somewhere in the area and left until they get you at around 8pm. No bathrooms, no places to eat, you're responsible for the equipment if it gets lost or stolen, and possibly very little pay at the end of the day. I made $60-$80 a few of the days and then $20-$0 towards the end of it so I quit. The CEO of this company likes to pretend that only "hardcore" and "dedicated" people work for them and the rest are "lazy" and can "get a job at McDonald's." Well McD's will pay you more than Spring Masters, that's for damn sure. Rather work there; at least they have a freaking toilet.

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  • Ag
      27th of Mar, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Haha.. So true. If anyone is worth a damn as a sales rep, they'll be working at Future Shop, The Brick, Leon's or pimping mobiles for Rogers or Telus. They most certainly will NOT be pushing around a 100 pound aerator machine or a 200 pound cart that's just black paint in the form of driveway sealant.

    Every time I see one of these signs around town, I'll either rip it down, or write in black sharpie, "SCAM" on it. A bit childish yes, but I don't want to see anyone get screwed over. Why should you give them 79% of YOUR wages and then you walk away with just pennies? If you want to do this kind of work, get together with a few others and start a small business aerating lawns and doing general landscaping duties. At least then, your expenses will be a write off AND you'll be working for yourself, as well as certainly making more than a piddly ### 21% of your total sales.

  • Th
      1st of Jun, 2011
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  • Ta
      24th of Aug, 2011
    +1 Votes

    there selling tactic at SM is take students and have them push around a PITY CART! i feel bad for the employees getting ripped off. i work in a family business who as well uses all the right stuff...we charge a fraction of the cost and our workers drive trucks with units on the back oh and they have an hourly wage with only one half hour deduct for lunch even if its a 12 hour day and above minimum that springmasters. go somewhere else Sault ste Marie already has a number of sealing companies who blows away your so called quote unquote experience!!

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