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Promised to return to remove overspray from garage doors not only did not show when they promised they refused to return phone calls.

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      Jul 22, 2009

    Ok all you ###eads

    And if this if this is going to be moderated, your even more more of a stupid ### face...

    Listen everyone,

    Springmasters canada is ###ing ###ed ###ed right up !!!

    Ok my girlfriend heard about it in the newspaper thinking she could do some cool landscaping jobs in the city and make maybe some quick cash if anything atleast 100 $ maybe, but exected arond 300-500$

    Seriously.. These ###ers will send you out anywhyere, maybe in the middle of nowhere... To ###ing selll ### !!! ... No not just regular sales.. But a 12 ###ing hour day for selling tings like drive way sealing to people who may probably not even answer the door at all ... And youll be left with if you lucky 40 $ for that day ... Ya .. They said it was an off day ... ### you springmasters

    Please please please !!! ... People... We all need to report this bulllshit

    Dont believe anything people say about this they are lying ...

    M not joking this is horeshit !!

    Ive worked in sales before and this is beyond ### sales ! Thy are conning the employeees !

    Fyuck you sringmaster .. Go to ###ing hell ..

    Ok this is serious .. ### ... You ... You will not hear the end of this ! Trust me..

    My girlfriend just wanted to make some extra cash forschool she busted her ### just expecting to do some hard labor for a day, instead was stuck wandering around going door to door ( this wasnt told at all in the newspaper nor i traning ... ) ... ### you idiots ...

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  • Bo
      Jul 29, 2009

    k i work there...i average 140 a day..ur gf is prolly not that good at sales..sorry...ya its physically demanding...suck it up..if u cant take the heat get out of the kitchen..12 hours walkin door to door is rite..if ur not closing sales and actually doing the services ur there to do...and im pretty sure i knew before my first day that it was door to door..i was told that at the job fair..ive made 350 in a day and ive seen ppl make 900..and ive made 0, 20, 30 or less made 10 days in 5 months
    again..if u cant handle it than dont apply but im makin money soo..theyre not lying...wat they should do is not hire every1 who applies..cuz obviously every1 who applies isnt qualified..but it is wat it is

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  • Jo
      Oct 28, 2009

    Springmasters Canada is an organization that runs on fraud and intimidation. One of their reps performed a service at my house, when I wasn't even home, and then left me a bill for it. I didn't request it, didn't want it, and was totally pissed off. I have been fighting with them for months, they don't return calls or inquiries, lie over the phone that the matter is resolved, and then send threatening letters.
    I have reported them to the police, Fraudbusters, and the BBB, they don't even care enough about their reputation to respond, because they are dishonest crooks.
    Never work for them, never call them, and call the police if they come to your door.

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  • Sd
      Feb 03, 2010

    ### springmasters i worked there and i made $0 dollars thats right zero. I left my house 6 am and came back 11 pm to show my momma that i had zero dollars. Springmasters can suck my left nut ### springmasters and guess what my friend was with me that day on his first day aswell and he made $0 dollars aswell. Zero ###ing dollars, no pre booked ###, nobody wanting to buy aeration. They ###ing put us in the middle of nowhere in a rich ### neighbourhood where every single lawn looked gorgeous, why the ### would they want to waste more money on an already perfect lawn, makes no sense. ### u spring master ill ###ing terrorist bomb ur ### ### u [censor]essssssssssssssssssssssssss

    Avoid springmasters, avoid springmaster get a legit telemarketing job that offers pay by the hour, ### this ###

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  • Mi
      Feb 08, 2010

    I was going to apply at Spring Masters.. The job fair is actually tonight. I go to McMaster University and i typed in Spring Masters into google and scams came up. I have read this thread along with others and will not be attending this job fair. I will also be telling everyone in my res and anyone i hear talking about it to read all of these complaints. Thankyou so much!

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  • Sk
      Mar 16, 2010

    Be careful with purchasing from or working for Spring Masters Canada.

    The posters that plauge College campuses like locusts promising $100 to $500 a day were what drew me in. I figured hey... I might as well go to the information session to see what all the hype is about. The first information session was informative and made the job sound okay. I was under the initial impression that the company pre-arranged aeration jobs for its workers. I understood that the job was based on commission and the harder I worked the more I got paid. Sounded legit enough for me so I signed up for my first day of work.

    Spring Masters trains its "professionals" with a 20 minute video and no more than five minutes of hands-on experience in the middle of a soccer field. After that they drop you in the middle of a strange neighbourhood with no real idea of what to do. The worst part is that only certain routes have pre-arranged jobs. If you're unlucky and get stuck with one that has none, you are on your own walking door to door trying to push a service that no one can afford in a bad economy.

    I worked a total of four days and made roughly $420. Can you make a hundred dollars a day? Yes of course... But if you had taken these 14 hours (yes the work days are 14 hours) and worked at a job paying slightly more than minimum wage you would have made $140 a day. Those who are making insane amounts of money are the ones that know how to toss out lines and make sales. I hate it when people come to my door trying to sell me junk I dont want... It was a horrible experience doing it for myself.

    Just remember that if you decide to go with Spring Master's for your aeration or driveway sealing needs you will be getting a bargain... Sometimes... But that small reduction in price comes with the knowledge that you may be getting your lawn ripped to shreds by some kid who really doesnt know what they are doing.

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  • Mo
      Mar 29, 2010

    Springmaster is a lying ### company. They came to my college for a job orientation and they said you will work with people and not alone and you will work with the company car which that didnt happen, your start pay is 100 to 500 they also said they will help you and be there for you if you need it. That is all a lie. Yesterday i started my first shift they dont give you proper training with the machine they drop you off in the middle of know where give u this 60lb machine and u need to go door to door peolpe will shut the door on you make excuses i had 1 prebook and the owner was fighting with me that he never got a phone call ever from springmaster. I had know time to eat lunch and know were to eat it, and we asked the reps were can we can go to the washroom they said ask the home owners... Are you serious i was turned down by the home owner so i had to go into the bush. Also the route managers were very rude to you they dont care if you call at 6 and say your done they still make you go door to door even when its night out? Soo i worked for 14 hours it was cold raining the route managers dont leave you alone they spy on you and tell you to get of the ###ing phone, like who are you to tell me what to do ###. You got to wait 1 hour to pick you up and spend 2 hours picking the rest of the crew and making you get off the car and help them out, by the time we got to the warehouse you spend another 1 hour in a half waiting to get your money. I got paid $35 for 14 hours with no break. These peolpe scam you really harsh. This springmaster should not be running at all they should close it down. They are not legit company too. Springmaster is ### company i warn you people dont not attempt it!!!

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  • Fi
      Apr 04, 2010

    Things wrong with Springmasters:

    1. You wake up at 7am and get home at midnight. You only have the potential to make money from about 10am until 9pm. That means you're "at work" for about 17 hours a day and only "making money" for 11 hours. The average sales for an employee last year was around $157 a day. If you calculate how many hours you're actually "at work", that comes to $9.23 per hour. LESS THAN MINIMUM WAGE.

    2. At the end of the night, if someone else has a big lawn to do or whatever and you are done your route, you are recruited to help that other person finish their job. You do not get compensated for it. You do someone else's job and they get paid for the work you do.

    3. Training consisted of: a short video showing someone using an aerator, 10 minutes in a random field actually using the machine, and zero sales training. You'd think that since this is a SALES JOB they would train you in SALES.

    4. You do not get paid for orientation or training. They tell you that you get a Springmasters shirt, free of charge in reward. These shirts must have cost less than $5 each since I'm sure they buy them in bulk. For the few hours you attend the orientation, you make less than $5.

    5. You are dropped off in a random neighborhood to fend for yourself. Things you have to haul around: food and drinks to last the entire day, flyers, clip board, money pack, lawn flags, and oh yes - the 250lb aerator. Many times you're walking uphill. Since the aerators are weighted so that you have to tip them back to wheel them, you're hunched over and it can be hell on your back.

    6. If something goes wrong with your machine and it craps out, you're instructed to call your route manager for them to check it out. They say, "I'll be there as soon as I can". They could take anywhere from a few minutes to over an hour. All the while, you're sitting, twiddling your thumbs, and not making any money.

    7. You sign a contract that says if you want to end a shift earlier than 9pm you have to pay them $100, basically to compensate them for money they'd make if someone was working. What they never said, though, was that you'd have to pay them $100 if you miss a shift for any reason, such as illness. If you broke your leg during some freak accident the night before, your wallet will be $100 lighter.

    8. The CEO of each location is an expert in sales. They have years of experience in the trenches and worked their way up to the top. As an expert in sales, they know how to sell something, even this job. They focus solely on the money, and only a select few actually make a decent wage. Little time is spent on actually showing you what you have to do to make the money. It's basically like saying, "there's $250 at the end of that street, go get it!" But what they didn't tell you is that someone will pop out from behind a bush every 7 feet and try to punch you in the face, so only the most cunning will avoid these attackers and get the money.

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  • Df
      Apr 27, 2010

    To Everyone;

    Okay, Just to start off im a female high school student and this is my second year with spring masters and i get paid very well alot of you are complaining that they ripped you off because you worked 12hrs for in terms 'nothing'. they tell you in job training that this is strickly a commission based job so to put it in simpler terms you get paid for what you do, so if your gonna sit on the curb and do nothing you get paid for nothing.

    To fishingaddict:
    2. if you had to helped someone on a lawn at the end of the night Awesome! your helping a fellow worker out, next time when you need to finish a lawn at the end of the night their're fellow workers there to help you.

    3. the managers do help you with sales during training they tell you basic script and then as you work you learn and expand your script from there and if your having problems selling you just gotta ask you route manager and they'll be happy to help you.

    4. they make you fully aware that you dont get paid for it, as you are an independent contractor.

    5.Yes you do have to carry your food/drink/and work supplies but nothing says you have to carry it on your back you can put it on an aerator/or in you sealing cart. as of hills i do realize that they are a pain in the butt seeing that i have been on routes with tons of them but it just one of the obsicle in this job.

    6. so if your machine does 'crap out' and needs fixing the managers do try to get there as fast as possible but you gotta respect them as they have 11 other people to help and you do not have to sit on a curb twiddling you can continue selling then once you have one lined up the let the homeowner know that your machine needs a quick tune up and you'll begin their lawn asap when your manager get here, and they'll just be fine with it because they're to overjoy of the service they are getting.

    7. as of the 100 dollar 'fee' is there if there you come in and 'ditch' out during a they day and its there because obivously when days are filled you are taking away money from someone who wanted to come in and work the full day and make money.

    8."little time spent on actually showing you what you have to do to make the money" is an over statement because any time you want to know/ actually want to expand your income once again all you gotta do is ask a manager(or even a worker who is doing very well/ very knowlegable) and they'll be happy to help you out because it is their job to make you(us) money.

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  • Sm
      May 20, 2010

    lol [censor] you spring masters. I just told like 15 of my ones going tommorow [censor]ssss lol ;)... what a fail suck my dick cummasters canada [censor]heads!!!

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  • Sm
      Jun 02, 2010

    mark spring masters canada manager
    wow ur a real cool dude do u even have 15 friends?
    how how did you try
    i already know you didnt your terrible peace [censor]

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  • Sm
      Jun 20, 2010

    if ur a manager why are u calling me a [censor]?...thats what im talking about this company is [censor] lol

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  • Ma
      Jun 21, 2010

    Listen why hasen't anyone talked about the 5 year contract we all signed and was witnessed? it states you cannot compete or work for another company or give out secrets with anyone else other than spring masters for 5 years!!!

    or they say they will sue you? come on guys its a legal document oops did i say legal document contract signed sealed! wow does that mean if they threaten me and do not give me work I can sue them for 5 years income!!!

    wow baby buckets of cash? mad money! umm lets see what does their add say 250 to 500 dollars a day

    judge they dumped me in the street and refuse to give me work! ok how mucho do you deserve well what they said judge buckets of cash mad money maximum judge $500 dollars a day thats 30 days 6 months 5 years missed income 600.000 dollars great thanks..

    eh! umm... if anyone has this problem send me an email! lets all get together and ask a lawyer what he things about why spring masters changed their contract this year to 6 months from 5 years??

    they been sued? and why won't they give you a copy of a contract you signed isn't that the law you get a copy? as well anyone get a copy after they signed no?

    why cuz spring masters scams! thats why they think they are above the law

    dump minors in the street far away, no seat belts.. cram 15 guys in a van ! infringe on contrats ! no breaks lunch or other pee in the street and [censor]..

    gosh need i go on they break so many laws its not funny sue buddies sue!!! their dirty sping masta [censor] for their spoon feeding brain washing buckets of oh wait no barrels of cash !!! mad money!!! blaaaaaaaauhaaaaaaaaa


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  • Ma
      Jun 21, 2010

    I worked for spring masters this year for a little! got accused of stealing money they even threatened to call the cops if didn't run over this fictisious money i stole? ain't i a private contractor according to their contract? what stole ? pay rent don't i for that bloody machine $10 bucks! [censor]ers... cheap [censor]

    told them call the cops lets sort this out they demanded i said lets go see the owner i did the aeration nothing then they said they don't have proof nor do i that i didn't do it blaaaaa.. left me miles from home had to take a taxi cost me over 100! [censor]

    next day showed up there asked for the money the owed me they said no !!! bloody no they won't pay

    so came back with the cops next day ! they were in a hurry to pay said i was giveing them a bad name as if they don't need help there making it them selfs for sure!

    they paid me the 30 bucks i made and the 100 for the taxi!!

    thanks a bunch [censor]sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

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  • Ma
      Jun 21, 2010

    I don't wanna be pushing the machine but thats all I know what to do ! what can i do now for 5 years!!!

    judge i can only push the machine!!! help

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  • Ma
      Jun 21, 2010

    no wait i can scratch my [censor] to just as good as a spring masters manager!!! and pick my nose at the same time!!!

    oh!!! your talented ! can you wave your magic wand and make a drive way appear like new? or are you just pulling my steps! off the sheet of paper you gave me bro! awwwww is this the part where i/m supposed to cry ops i forgot ! lbaaaaaaaaa

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  • Ma
      Jun 21, 2010

    Sue spring masters 5 year contact !!! Time to sue them!!!

    Call your local labour board demand the copy !

    Call the police on them

    Do what you can !!! Help yourselfs

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  • Ma
      Jun 21, 2010

    I think anyone can aeration ... you all should just buy a machine cost is $1000 for a used one... go door to door... charge front back $100 to $80 do 5 to 7 aerations a day and your in the hot seat baby its cash!!!

    if everyone took this advise the''d get a head... use a credit card get a bank loan? small buisness of canada can help you... osap can... parents can help anyone can help you!!

    get the machine... rent a van... or find someone online who has a truck and drop pick up in an area for a little money

    you will be by far off ! and really makeing those buckets of cash!!! you were promissed and put springer mastas out of buisness!

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  • Th
      Aug 05, 2010

    Same story over and over again. I made the mistake of working for these [censor]ers a few years back. Nothing but a waste of time and effort. Their CEO is an [censor] who makes a living intimidating, scamming and lying to people, all the while painting himself to be a hero to college/university students across the country. What a slimy [censor].

    The route managers are pretty much made from the same cloth as this Ben Stewart [censor]. They'll intimidate, yell and harass you if they as much as suspect that you did something they wouldn't like. They're completely useless when it comes to fixing the pieces of [censor] aerators or giving actual advice.

    All in all, this is a company that exploits naive, vulnerable, and often desperate students. Out of the hundreds who sign up, a small handful go home with a decent profit. Ben Stewart is quick to get testimonials from them, film them, and make it look like the average Spingmasters employee has the same experience as them. The 99.9% who don't are shunned as lazy and useless. How [censor]ing dumb does this [censor] think we are?

    It's only a matter of time before everyone catches on that this company is a total scam. The unfortunate thing is, Ben will be all to quick to jump on another herd of clueless suckers and exploit them in the exact same way under some new spin.

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  • I worked for Spring Masters in the summer of 2009. I went in with alot of different work experience under my belt. At first SpringMasters came off as odd; however, they work within the confines of the law and make a strong effort to do so. Two year confidentiality agreements are standard in most industries, smart employeers implement such agreements and justifiably so. Would you want someone stealing your intelecutal property?

    To those who had a bad working experience at Spring Masters I say you do not know what a bad working experience is. You are likely still supported by others, or have little working experience to begin with; or you are in a state of mind that reflects only negativity. Perhaps you use the internet to vent because it is your only social resource. Often it is those who are ambitious and have no choice but to support themselves who make the full effort to become part of the SpringMaster team, because they see a legitament opportunity. Those who make the full effort are provided the tools to learn and make a worthwhile income. Note that Spring Masters only makes money if those who are independently contracted make money, nor does SpringMasters make money if their equipment is not used. They want you to make the most out of yours and their time, but they cannot make you. From my experience it is financially worthwile to be motivated. If you can't motivate yourself, SpringMasters will help you. During my time at SpringMasters I witnessed route managers unknowingly make unprofessional comments; however, I have never worked in a place of business where this has not occured. Everyone has a bad day, everyone has to meet someone elses' expectations. As an independent contractor I never took such comments personally.

    To homeowners I suggest you buy from only those who are credible, those who are ambitious. These are the services providers that will do you good and will leave you happy.

    I have never before worked for a company as team orrientated and goal driven as SpringMasters. I have never before worked for a company who has invested as much time and money into creating a better working and buying experience. I have never before worked with as many ambitious individuals.

    Oddly enough, it is because of my experience with SpringMasters that I was able to help my son sell chocolate bars, door to door, to be able to attend a class trip. At the end of the day he decided he wanted to approach an older couple in their front yard by himself. He did all the talking as I watched. All I said was that there were only two chocolate bars left, so the couple bought them both. My son said thank you to the couple as did I. As we walked away he looked at me and said, "I don't know why I wasn't shy anymore!" At the age of four he had already begun to learn to overcome shyness, something I hadn't learned to overcome until my twenties, something some people will never learn.

    My attitude toward this complaint is neutral because I can't speak for everybody. I speak from a full season of experience with SpringMasters. I serviced somewhere between 500 and 1000 homes because I was credible and ambitious. I earned approximately $23 000. This money helped me to support my family, and pay for my education. This experience helped me to be confident. Since working at SpringMasters I was able to sell myself and get a job in my field of interest. In six months I have achieved $123 000 in sales.

    Thank you SpringMasters,

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  • Fu
      Jun 27, 2011

    I will be going to Spring Masters Job Application Seminar, which is scheduled this July 05.
    I would be working for a Hamilton Branch. I'm looking forward to their Orientation session.
    Despite and because of all the comments posted here!
    I'll keep you posted, if and when I'm hired and my experiences on the job!

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  • Ta
      Aug 24, 2011

    haha Thank you spring masters ha crock o [censored]. that there folks is probably a falsified made up person writing for the so called company!!! haha your funny

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  • Au
      Jun 03, 2012

    Thank's to all who have been exployted and told their stories and hardships, slaving for " String along masters ", only today I was sold on having driveway work done by these vultures, just as I suspected SCAMMERS, I am sorry for the person who knocked my door, if it means him not being paid his 13% of the total sale, there must be someone college or university student bright enough to get these people??? scammers stopped in thier tracks, come -on guys - girls ? get together hear don't just complain, stand up together, even if you've had enough, together you can help stop them from disheartening and discouraging your brothers, sisters, and friends, , believe in the power of one person, and in the power of all together, I'M in my 80s now, and proud to be BRITISH ...and what we endured in our lives, stand up to these mobsters, they will eventualy be out of business, if you help each other, you will defeat them

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