Spring Air / Bad Mattress

1 617 Crosby N W, Grand Rapids, MI, United States

An elderly woman who is blind and disabled (I am filing this for her) bought a day bed at a local furniture store. Within 2 months the mattress began to break down and the springs inside it were not supportive any longer. She first contacted the furniture store which was no help to her because they said the mattress was not their product, they just wholesaled it with the bed. We contacted the Spring Air Manufacturer in Grand Rapids and the man there Roger Kern, said he would come down to Elkhart, Indiana and look at the mattress and make it right for her. He promised this to her twice yet NEVER came. We tried filing a complaint through the BBB, however that got us no where as the Spring Air manufacturer in Grand Rapids, MI just passed the complaint on to their parent company in Atlanta, GA. This woman, Bernice Haddock, in the meanwhile has fallen and fractured her hip and still doesn't have a decent mattress to sleep on. After months of fighting with Spring Air of Grand Rapids, it is clear to us that they are not going to honor the warranty on the mattress for Bernice. Someone has to, but who???

Oct 07, 2014

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