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Spreelast AG, INTESO AG and ARTECH AG Germany / Slander by [redacted] and Complaints Board

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Reproach for international public slander, offended by German citizen Felix Eugen Assfalg, owner of Spreelast AG, INTESO AG and ARTECH AG Germany

Mr Felix Eugen Assfalg has reproached the King & Krieg INC. and its vice president, Gerhard H. Krieg, publicly in an absolutely bad manner and he has suspected them of committed offence with reports No.368446 and No.368365 published worldwide on the internet websites [redacted].com, and on and as well.

Me, Gerhard H. Krieg, vice president of King & Krieg Inc. Tulsa/Oklahoma,
I am now bringing a public charge against the politics and justice of the Federal German Republic – punishable by law in accordance with §27 StGB linked to §187 StGB and §258a StGB - to be responsible for support by omission of publicly slandering our enterprise, carried out by the chairman of the Spreelast AG and board member of Magnum D’Or Inc. Fort Lauderdale, Mr Felix Eugen Assfalg, German citizen and others.


1. Investigation No. 120 Js 505/08 by prosecuting attorneys in

2. District attorneys NRW 4 Zs 1813/08 and 40 AR 26/08

3. Investigations against members of Land parliament and Prime
Minister Dietmar Althaus, Az. 100 Js 13103/08

4. Investigations against judges and prosecuting attorneys from
Thüringen NZS 100 Js 36935/07

5. Investigations against prosecuting attorneys from Erfurt a.o. by
STA Oldenburg NZS 103 Js 63185/02

6. Petition committee of Land parliament Thüringen No. E-809/07

7. Investigations against prosecuting attorney Mueller-Wolfsen a.o.
STA Verden NZS 522 Js 37725/02

8. Investigations against judges of finance at courts of finance
Hannover and Syke, Az. NZS 1141 Js 40496/04

9. Investigations against Rainer Berkmann, John Rossi and Felix Eugen
Assfalg, Az. 332 Js 27473/06

10. Comment by the petition committee of the German Bundestag on
reproach for punishment against Thüringen, February, 3rd, 2006,
Az. PET4-[protected]

11. Comment by the president of the Bundesverfassungsschutz
1 A 6-035-S-[protected]/07

12. Comment by general/chief federal attorney Kay Nehm, April, 27th, 2004,
Az. 1 AR 359/2004

13. Comment by the president of the BGH, Az. S 18, December, 7th, 2006

14. Our documents to general/chief federal attorney Mrs Monika Harms,
April, 30th, 2007, StA Cottbus, Az. 1755 Js 31029/06 and 322 Js

15. Our document about technology theft and bad disloyalty/
embazzlement of accused persons above to Prime Minister Mathias
Platzeck, January, 30th, 2007

16. Decree of the Lower-Saxony Parliament No. 02265/011/15 ( esp.the
supplement declaration, November, 1st, 2005 )

All the above mentioned federal institutions of the German Federal Republic have been sufficiently informed either about offence facts in offence union of criminal accused persons like the most important criminal Felix Eugen Assfalg and his cooperates or about those who brought crime to nothing. Investigations concerning purposed bringing crime to nothing and decline of law against members of justice have been will fully prevented by responsible general/chief federal attorneys and judges at district and official courts. Bundesverfassungsschutz and General/chief federal attorney office have made declare by writing that they were not able to do anything against those criminality or criminal acts carried out by justice and state organs because of constitutional law reasons. The judges of the BGH did not want to be annoyed by those matters, as you can read in the document from December, 7th, 2006.

Me, Gerhard H.Krieg, former political prisoner of the DDR/STA Cottbus East Germany, I here declare publicly and truly, that in 1994, I was the initiator and partner of the present Spreelast AG and nowadays, I am owner and partner of the patents for devulcanisation of technical rubber No. DE 197 11 050 and US 6.924.319 as well as of European patent No. 1 232 205.

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  • Ge
      14th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    ---Ursprüngliche Nachricht---
    Von: "Gerhard H. Krieg"
    Betreff: SEC File No. HO 1288564
    Datum: 11. Nov 2008 21:06


    Dear Mr. Rinell Randolph Jr.

    Now Ive got the proof, that Magnum D'Or Recources Inc. (Fort Laderdale) has no true exclusive licensing agreement about my own rubber devulkansiation patent's. King & Krieg Inc.( Tulsa/Oklahoma)has only the legal rights to use my devulk patents at the moment. Magnum Inc. got only an exclusive licensing agreement about a thermoplastic patent. I will give the order to our US patent Lawyer to check the thermo-plastic patent of Dr. Michael and Dr. Scholz against our US patent No. 6.924.319. Both patents using the same chemical ground-materials.

    Result - Investor fraud on the US Stock Exchange through Magnum D'Or Recources Inc..

    Helpers Justice and Politics of the Fedreal German Republic. They didnt stop the strong criminal activities of the German Citizens, Mr Rainer Berkmann, Australian/Italian Citizen Mr, John Rossi alias Procheddu alias Sposato and the German Swindler Mr. Felix Eugen Asfalg. The German Congress was informed by a Letter in the year of 2006. The German Congress answered to King & Krieg Inc. under the file No. Pet- 4-16-07 -1030-004011, the answer from them was "it is no any reason to fight against such criminal activities".

    If you have any more questions about it, do not hesitate to contact me or our Lawyer Mr. Fred Stoops Sr. Tulsa/Ok. I will now inform and write a complaint to the Eurpoaen Council for Human Rights too.

    With thanks and best regards

    Gerhard H. Krieg

    Cc: Mr. Finger German Congress Berlin

  • Jo
      29th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    I John Rossi declare the following:
    I am the CEO of Spreelast AG. Everything stated by Mr. Gerhard Krieg is false: These are the facts:
    We have puchased the assets of this business from the insolvency administrator after his brother's company went bankrupt in August 2004. With the assets we purchased the land, building, machinery and know how. From this moment on we acquired the wrath of Mr. Gerhard Krieg. He writes to our customers, suppliers, to various authorities including as you can see above, anyone from the FBI to the President of Germany. This person is definetely not well. He attacks me personally and the company I work for and with, simply because he can use the internet as a tool. The only items that are not false are the names of the people stated (not the alias as there are none) and our citizenship. For further official clarifications you can reach us at Thanking you for your compassion. With kind regards, John Rossi.

  • Fe
      29th of Jul, 2009
    -1 Votes

    The Prime Minister Dr. Rüttger and the General Attorney of the federal state North Rhine-Westphalia, Mr. Gregor Steinforth, in Germany tax evasion and patent infringements as well as technology theft completely find with the basic law compatible and for not subject to prosecution.
    Reference numbers general public prosecutor's office of Duesseldorf Zs 40 1813/08

    Dear Mr. Krieg,
    seems like you dont like felix assfalg
    some new information for you :
    all his companies went bankrupt inteso, spreelast advanced cryotech and artech.
    he bought an appartment in berlin for 300, 000 euros and put it in his wifes name Irena Assfalg (tax does not know about that)
    he took more than 3 million euros from the companies (and company credit cards) and tax does not know about that also.
    he put money in his daughter Yvonnes bank account
    he also has money in Deutsche Bank in Madrid (more than 700, 000 euros)
    he works with a guy called william kostanski from spain
    after artech went bankrupt he made a license for SPR to use artech technology and he back dated the license.
    he opened a new company with kostanski called A&A RECYCLINTECHNIK.

  • Fe
      29th of Jul, 2009
    -1 Votes

    Spreelast AG alias German Rubber Indsutry AG are now bankrupt by his Generlamanager Mr. Sposato = alais Mr. Procheddu = alias the Australian name now John Rossi.

    Warning FOR EVERYBODY, this italian Boy with the name John Rossi has offered again criminal patent licensing rights by the amount of EUR 5million.

  • Pe
      5th of Aug, 2009
    +3 Votes

    I think Mr. Assfalg is now between Berlin and Mallorca Spain, there is an investigation going on regarding money he stole from a Saudi investor. The prosecutor office has contacted a few people and sent an investigation team to Spreelast two months ago to ask questions about Mr. Assfalg. I dealt with him once on a deal and can tell everyone dont work with him or believe him. I got to know that he went bankrupt four times in the last 9 years. Every time he stole people's money and went bankrupt.

  • Ma
      12th of Aug, 2009
    +2 Votes

    Felix Eugen Assfalg is a part of a swindler's gang and he is often previously convicted because of wrong assurance in oath Instead of and Insolvency crimes.

  • Ma
      12th of Aug, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Tomorrow Im check now my first own factory, the Spreelast Vetschau AG - Germany for economical rescue, which is now the second time after 1997 bankrupt. Thats the result of criminal activities in the past 10 years from Guys like Berkmann, Rossi and Assfalg under full protection of the German Justice.

    Gerhard H. Krieg

  • Ma
      24th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    dear mark freeman, dear petvop,
    your are chil abuser.

  • Ha
      16th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    Hello Maier or better Felix Eugen Assfalg ?

    They have brought forward with her deliberate criminal actions for years the German justice and politics with a ring in the nose most badly. It is only one matter of time, until the whole matter explodes.

  • Ge
      14th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    Felix Eugen Assfalg are still working for the German Adelmann Umwelt GmbH. Adelmann Umwelt GmbH bought cheap the Spreelast AG from the insolvency which have led Felix Eugene Assfalg and his partners before in the bankruptcy.

    The land criminal office to boar's wood and the public prosecutor's office of Cottbus also wanted to investigate because of corruption suspicion, however, it happens nothing and why because the public prosecutor's office of Cottbus more than five years has covered the heavy deception of the company Parker leasing from fort Lauderdale. Garry Parker was condemned only in 2007 to 20 years of prison in Florida.

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