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I'd worked there for few months and it was a nitemare for me. that company is a small size 6 - 10 ppl company. I worked as a shipping assistant. I was interviewed by this manager Sue Huang, she looks sooooooooooooooo normal during the interview, nice and reasonable. she even mention she will train me herself. So I was hired, even thought this is not my 1st job after graduated from college, I thought this is an office job I wanted. So i pour my heart in.

I've worked there for 3 days, she told me to sit and read files everyday, answering / make phone calls that I have no clue what questions to ask the caller. when i ask her WHAT IS SHE TRYING TO ASK, SHE CAN'T EVEN EXPLAIN IT TO ME, JUST TELL ME TO CALL AND DIAL IT FOR ME. NO TRAINING WHATSOEVER. just sit there and i really think she's just trying to find excuses to scream at me.

luckily, there's this part time gal who 's working at the same post as me, she taught me everything i need to know. so i followed whatever she taught and she even show me how she did her paperworks and phone calls.

guess what? the manager Sue yell at me and insist i did the paperwork wrong, when the part time gal did the same . she even curse at me in chinese but she didn't even fart in front of the part time gal, coz she's an ABC and Sue is SUCK to even speak proper English.

sometimes, Sue would sneak behind me and slam (yes, SLAM) a stack of files at my desk, then screamed "what have you done? you did it wrong again!!!" then just storm off. i can't even ask what the hell was she talking about, she just screams and leave immediately like she found out I JUST KILLED HER FAMILY. it's still early morning, around 9-10am.. imagine how you would feel for the rest of the day. Then i check the paperwork, found nothing's wrong. i ask her to show me what's wrong, she bluff me off, said i should double check it. ok, so i went back into her office and ask again after a while, she pointed to a spot that has nothing wrong. and I LOUDLY TOLD HER, it got nothing wrong in here, then i storm off without even listen to her what she has to say afterward.

she even tell me in chinese, i didn't bring my mind at work, degrading me, bully me. and she can always pretend there's NOTHING happen after she scream at me. She would slam the phone, make loud noise in this itsy tiny office we have whenever her son piss her off. then she would accuse you mistakes you didn't make or just to find someone to curse. i've taken this abusive behavior for 2 weeks, finally, I IGNORED her, pretend she doesn't exist. she's always smile / greet back at me the next day after she screamed at me the day before. i just give her a DON'T MESS WITH ME ### face all day long for the next 6 months. SHE BACK OFF. and find some other people to bully.

i was hired to do paperwork, later she appointed (didn't even ask me if i want to) me to do heavy lifting. she even sugar talk me, tell me she did it too b4 she was the manager in the office. OF COURSE she has to do it, she's the ONLY ONE HERE!!! i even mentioned i won't do heavy lifting job, if i want thoes heavy lifting job, I WOULDN'T TAKE AN OFFICE JOB, i would have stayed in the my job and become a PARTNER with my boss. my ex-boss really offered me a partnership to stay in the company, they are a very nice couples, but i can't do heavy lifting, so they hire 2 guys to do the heavy lifting and i would be in charge of only doing bookkeeping and warehouse managing. heading those 2 guys. but i refused, i wanted to see the world.

anyway, i did the heavy lifting in sporty and trending for a while, like 2 months, then i refused to do anymore heavy lifting. i was the ones who always got scold at but do the most work in the office! why should i let them treat me like their dog??

i purposely did my work wrong, not really concentrate on my job, always go to the bathroom, refused to do anything other than what've been told during the interview. she made my stay at that company like a living hell for months! i am returning her a favor instead of trying to satify this evil ###. i pissed her off at least once a day, always find new ### for her to handle. even the clients i dealt with scared of her. they don't want to talk to her, coz most of the clients already knew she has serious problem of mood swing, hang up client's phone, curse at them for no reason whatsoever. of course, who wants to deal with a psycho ###?

thank god i finally got fired, i wouldn't quit just because she treated me badly, she should fire me if she's not satisfy with my work. she's a ### because

she said she knows she has a bad temper (i believe it's more like, you have mental disorder mixed with menopause, ok? no wonder your ex-husband dumped you right after you are pregnant, even women don't want you, how could any normal man would want you?), it's our great loss we have to let you go. do you think we have issues that our company should work on?"

i said " no! this company is great." (i mean.. who the fxxk care about you or this company, you r psycho ### and this company goes nowhere anyway, rot in here!)

i knew it would come and EXPECTING it already, i want to get out of that hell hole asap! i was happy dancing in my heart. and the next day, i applied for unemployement benefit. lucky for me! the bookkeeper still keep in touch with me and she offers great help to fill out the form from the company side too. she's happy for me Sue finally fire me. well.. actually, i am liked by everyone there except Sue.

you may think i am a crying baby or incapable of doing my job. but u'll know how it feel when a woman SCREAM right next to your ear in the morning or sneak up on you. i had trouble sleeping at nite and having nitemare for a while becoz of her. but i feel great after i got fired.

i later found a much better offer job (have 30% raise over the past 2 year) and much nicer working environment. it was a 200 ppl, mid size company, but it seems weird that only CHINESE WOMAN who works there always trying to make your day suck, or playing office politic with other department managers, starting a civil war for no reason, especially when they don't even do the job well themselves, they would back stab, setting up traps to fall in... it's not like they go to the company to work, the office looks like their personal arena to start their civil war. and they ALWAYS complaints about other ### at the company.

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      31st of Mar, 2010

    by the way, i just realize that some ppl who hire you might not see u as a good helper and treat you nicely, like this Sue Huang. i just think she hire me because I am didn't ask much and she likes to hire me and treat me like a dog of some kind. no respect whatsoever. just screaming day in and day out like i am her personal punching bag.

    job seekers just beware of people like her do exist, and it's not worth it to risk your mental health over this. i would stay stay away from people like her. control freak, desperated, and a backstabber. in short, a sociopath. and i had a very strict standard to work in any company ever since i worked for her. i would not take any job offer if i sense the boss or manager is sociopath. you can never get your work done with under them because they would always find ways to degrade you, make u feel like you are worthless and feed you craps.

    of course, employer and manager doesn't need to babysit u and babytalk with you, but at least employee deserve some respect, don't u think? if you are not satisfy with an employee, u can always fire them instead of verbally / mentally abuse them.

    i love America, because you can always sue.

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