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I purchased a ball advertised as Astros signature and the images of the back of the ball did in fact show the commissioner at the time advertised. The ball received was a new ball, 2015…i am not paying 100 for a bait and switch ball. If you cannot immediately overnight the ball in the picture attached, I expect a refund and I will be calling my credit card company and filing with Amazon to report the fraud. Since this email the seller has written misleading emails to Amazon, ignored pictures I provided of the ball sent vs the ball they advertised. This is a lying bait and switch company...beware! Your email to Amazon is a complete lie! I already supplied you photos of the ball received vs the ball advertised. And there is no option to send pictures via Amazon's messaging system as you instructed me to do in your denial. My credit card company has been contacted and is reversing the charges and filing an Federal trade commission complaint for your illegal online activities. Amazon is also being engaged by the card company to make them fully aware of your practices. Having a lawyer as a best friend, who this ball was intended as a gift for, and nothing better to do with the time on my hands, I will ensure to file a complaint, honest review of what you've done, and post everywhere I can your businesses illegal and fraudulent activities. And think, I contacted you immediately to try and resolve, provided picture proof twice, and you still want to play games. At the end of the day you could have made it right and kept a customer, your payment, and your reputation. OK instead you lose hopefully thousands of customers and reputation due to my constant negative reviews and you don't even get paid because the credit card company has a complete copy of your emails, the photos I sent you, and your veiled response attempting to cause confusion and ignore your failure to honor your contractual obligations.

Dec 24, 2015

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