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Beware of this shady operation and do not place any bet!!!

You will not get your money back and they will give you the runaround!!!

I am going straight to the federal trade commission and I promise that they will be shut down in the united states sooner than later for stealing!!!

They do not tell you where they are located and they sound like they are operating from india which is probably why they are getting away with this betting scam!!

It will not be for much longer!!! I can assure you!!!

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  • Vi
      3rd of May, 2009
    +1 Votes is nothing more than an onlike crook! Watch Out, you are being warned not to do business with them. They took my deposit and said that they will send a PIN number immediately. But they never do. So, then if you try to withdraw your own money, they tell you you must have a PIN, but they never give you a PIN! I can't believe they haven't been arrested.

  • Mi
      14th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    Here is an exerpt of a conversation I had with an online operator when I pleaded with him to close my account because I have a gambling problem. Its unreal. they actually keep dangling bets front of me. I wannna sue these mother ###ers!

    Please wait for a site operator to respond.

    You are now chatting with 'Allen Brooks'

    Your Issue ID for this chat is LTK16402935932X

    Allen Brooks: Hello. How may I assist you?

    michael R : I have an online gambling addiction! Lock me out of this website. Close my accounts and take me off your mailing lists effective immediately! I am entering GA and hope you will respect that! Please close my account now and stop all emails immediately

    Allen Brooks: We are sorry to hear you wish to close your account.

    michael R : i love my wife more than you guys

    michael R : and my ximil

    michael R : and my mama and papa

    michael R : lol

    michael R : close it now i say

    michael R : so what do u need from me to do this?

    Allen Brooks: While we respect your decision to do so, we kindly request the reason for making this decision.

    Allen Brooks: We always strive towards providing the best customer satisfaction and the best betting experience a player could have.

    Allen Brooks: We await your valuable feedback and suggestions that will help us moving forward in providing a better and more memorable experience on our site.

    michael R : You almost destroyed my life with this online ###. I havent cashed out one winning day in 10 months. Its gotta be rigged and if its not...then im just a [censored]

    michael R : however I will stay with you if you gimme my 50, 000 bucks back that I lost

    Allen Brooks: As we have lots of players, who have won lots of money and they are happy playing on our site.

    michael R: if not...then lets part amicably and be done with it

    michael R : Then i guess im just a [censored]

    michael R : I accept that too

    Allen Brooks: I personally suggest you to keep playing with our site and we are running with good bonus promotions and in future we have any promotions we will let you know through our news letters.

    michael R : I dont care what u think. Close this account. Ill miis u

    Allen Brooks: We are sorry for you to take this decision, however we will forward your request to the accounting department.

    michael R : if someone tells you they have an addiction then why would you still coax them into playing?

    Allen Brooks: Once the account is inactivated we will send you an confirmation email stating the same.

    michael R : that is evil my fiend

    michael R : Close it no

    michael R: w

    michael R : thank you

    michael R : and your comp program is evil too!

    Allen Brooks: Please be informed it cannot be done instantly

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