Sport Shoe - J08536 / Bad sport shoe

1 Leeds, England, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom


I am a regular user of Nike. This is the first time I have tried Reebok for a change, but it was really pathetic.

I have purchased a Reebok sports shoe (J08536) around 2 months back. After that I went out of country for one month and started wearing the shoe from last week. I have not wear that more than 5 times, but now I can see one stitch became bad. This is really very bad. I have purchased the item from Reebok Castleford shop.

I never expect this type of product from such a famous company like Reebok. I am in a IT corporate sector, Santander, even my colleagues also got bad impression about Reebok from this incident.

Now I am in a position so that I can't return it back as 28 days over.

Requesting you to concentrate more on product than design.

Swapan Kumar Sett
Email: [protected]

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