Splendid Cleaners / True evil and not a care of the customer

The reason this site exists.

It was a cold and wet day and I needed to pick up my dry cleaning from Splendid Cleaners . It was the first time I used them and I was excited that I might have found a new dry cleaner that I liked. Things quickly went downhill when 2 of the 3 shirts I had cleaned were ruined.

The short story is the argument that ensued was heated and one sided. Let’s just say no one was buying me any new shirts.

In the heat of the moment I said to her that I was going to write her up on my non existent website too which she replied “oooh I’m so scared.”

Upon thinking about it I realized that in fact a place where people could call out terrible customer service or great attention could make the world a little better to do business in or at least easier to run errands.

Infuriated I made good on my empty words and now exists

True evil and not a care of the customer. If that is how you like your dry cleaning then try this place and tell the horrible woman behind the counter I say hello.


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