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Splash 'n Go Car Wash / Awful service

1 United States
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On Sunday, I took my car in for an oil change, tire rotation and was. This was my first time visiting the business. I dropped off the car around 3:00pm and picked it up at closing time at 5:00 pm.On my way home, I noticed the oil light on and a few minutes later, the car died on the service road. I was able to push the car to a parking lot close by. I opened the hood and with my friend, who has a lot of knowledge about mechanism checked the oil 3 times. I even checked it with my hand to be sure. No oil was in the tank or on the dipstick. Still at the car. So we got a ride home and called my insurance company and they said it would not be able to be filed as a claim. I called the company and there was no answer on the phone. I received a call back from my mechanic friend. I told him what happened and asked for his advice and for insight into "what happened?" He explained that they probably forgot to put oil in the car, and that it happens all the time. The next morning I contacted them and explained the situation. The owner insisted on seeing the car right away and on having it towed to his station. He was very anxious to see the car. I told him that I was not comfortable with his business handling any damage, since they had caused it. He assured me that if there was any damage that he would be responsible and would take car of my car, including a new engine if it was damaged. The car was towed to the service station that I always use. The manager immediately called me to let me know that they had checked the oil and that it was completely full of oil, oil in the tank, oil all over the dipstick, fresh oil that looked like it was poured out of a bottle. Just to hide their mistake they cleared it to avoid other expenses.


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