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Unfortunately, because of my experience with Spirit delivery, I may never purchase another appliances from Home depot again. Spirit delivered a washer and dryer and attempted to deliver a refrigerator which I returned due to the damage the delivery men caused in the process. These delivery men were the most incompetent, inexperienced I had every seen. They broke a light fixture and the cracked up the drywall in my new construction home. Spirit delivery has yet to compensate me for the the damages, instead they put the responsibility on me to find a contractor to do the repairs as if I have time to research contractors to get estimates. And without an estimate they will not do repairs which I think is ridiculous. They broke it...therefore, they should fix it. Its been two weeks and they haven't even followed up with me with any concerns. If you purchase an appliance from home depot, ask who the delivery company is before purchasing. Spirit delivery will damage your property with out any compensation.

Mar 01, 2016
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      Mar 01, 2016

    Do you seriously want to let them back in your home to fix the damage? Find the time to hire your own contractor and send them the bill.

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