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Spiderman Pest Control / Ripoff artist strikes again!

1 United States

My mom signed a contract with these characters the week of june 26, 2010, probably around 6/23 to 6/25/10. The only thing that was mentioned at the time that was of primary concern were treating for hornets, spiders and initially cleaning the eaves of the house (hornets nests and cobwebs), and eventually rodent control. They came on saturday (6/26) around 11am, about 1-2 hours later than they originally said they would come. They left with a number or hornets nests still attached to the house (high eaves out of easy reach, even with a ladder), both in the front, some side and some back (some were hidden under and to the side of gutters). But additioinally they also left several big masses of cob webs right outside of a kitchen window under the eaves and on the window. I recommened she call them back and tell them she wasn't happy and to come back and re-clean otherwise she didn't want to continue. Note they claim on their contract one could cancel within 3 business days after the first service, part of their so called "money back guarantee". She did call that same day and they said they would come back but never did.

Later they either came unauthorized (because she was not happy and didn't want to continue) or called and said they would be comming for a 2nd visit, which if they did might have been some time around july or august. She told them she didn't wasn't going to continue because of the problem with the first visit based on the quality of their cleaning work but to send a bill for the first visit. That never arrived, and it's unclear at least to myself if they actually DID ever come a 2nd time (which should have been to correct problems from the first). They apparently eventually called back threatening her with legal action and "early termination fees". What happened to the money back guarantee? If someone isn't happy with a first service, and they don't correct it when requested, why would anyone want them to come back and continue. It's only cleaning of nests and webs that was inadequate as far as I can tell from their initial visit, but obviously that is an indication of how someone might perform future services. Makes sense right?

Now they have sent it to collections, and the collector is telling two different stories apparently--first to her, and then I got involved and called them myself. My mom says they told her they came 0 times, then another call they weren't sure how many times. Then when I talked to them they (the collector apparently on behalf of spiderman pest control) claim they came a total of 5 times and they want over $500 including an early termination fee.

My mom has a receipt for the first visit and that's all, and she wasn't even happy with that, tried to get them to come back and told them if they didn't and soon, she didn't want to continue. What happened to the "money back guarantee" ? Obviously one way that could be interpretted for a first visit is if you're not happy, you're not going to continue and therefore shouldn't be charged anything right?

Apparently this company likes to bill for services not performed. Every service person my mom has hired in the past, from a number of landscape, yard maintenance and fertilizer companies to arborists, to home care people, they always leave a notice or receipt stating when they came and what was done. And she's never had a problem with paying a bill before these guys. At no time has spiderman pest control been seen with their little truck here except by myself on 6/26, and certainly not 5 times (that would be about once a month since july) and we have no notice of any services other than the first, and perhaps possibly a 2nd at most. She even had a mouse in the kitchen wall, under the sink a few weeks back, so there is no way they ever treated for rodents a total of 5 times either (if they did, she certainly wouldn't have them come back!)

Note however, this isn't a complaint about poor services performed resulting in continued pest problems. They didn't come enough to be able to be judged on their services at removing pests (but if it's anything like their eaves cleaning services, it can't be too good). This is a complaint that this company is engaging in fraudulent high pressure door-to-door sales tactics, and it's especially of concern for the elderly who are easily confused. Bottom line she wasn't happy with the service they initially performed and didn't want to continue unless they came right back to correct it, and they never did (until later when they claimied they allegedlly came 2-4 more times). She owes at most 1-2 service visit that was not paid, and certainly not 4 more that were never done (and if they had been, it was unauthorized because she didn't want to continue past the first based on the quality of their work). And furthermore, she shouldn't even owe for 1 service visit, because she wasn't happy with their work and they claimed they have a money back guarantee (which would make the first service charge moot), and she could cancel within 3 days. Again she told them, but this company apparently likes to either disregard their cancellation requests, or perhaps conviently forget they were made!


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