Spice Telecommunications / They send me a Legal Notice after almost 2 yrs after disconnection

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Spice telecom used to be a major mobile phone service provider in Karnataka and had the largest coverage. I used to have a connection and had this disconnected in Oct-2005. After repeated calls and emails that they need to send the final bill, i received nothing.

Last week (Aug-2007) i receive a legal notice that there was an amount of Rs 850/- pending and they would initiate legal proceedings. I had a very strong compulsion to let them go to court but instead met their customer service guy.
The following were the items he mentioned.

a. They did not have a copy of my bills nor the details of the calls.
b. They have installed a new system and therefore are able to try and follow up on pending bills up to 10 yrs ago.
c. They don't have any proof that i had disconnected and don't know why i may not have received any communication.

The bottom line is that they woke up after 2 years and had the audacity to send legal notices. I anyway settled after removing some additional payment charges they had but just wanted to let the world know that Spice telecom is one screwed up company, totally inefficient and its only a matter of time before they are out of business.

Request readers to not subscribe to Spice and pick one of the other providers.

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