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Sphynx / Bad Cat Breeder

1 709 E Chestnut streetMt Vernon, OH, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 740-263-3690

NEVER WORK WITH BRANDY ROACH aka BareNall Sphynx (http://www. freewebs. com/barenallsphynx/) aka Abayomi sphynx (
Please do not make the mistake that I and so many others have done.

This woman is a professional at scamming, cheating and fraud!
I answered an ad back in October 07' on Hoobly. com of a pregnant sphynx needing a home. I was told by Mrs. Roach that she had too many cats and couldnt care for this one or her kittens when they came. Feeling sorry for the poor queen and wondering what type of situation she could end up in or what type of people might get their hands on her I made an effort to buy her from Mrs. Roach.

I received several emails daily from her asking when she could send the cat and how fast I could get the money to her. She swore that the cat was registered with TICA and bred to a Grand Champion stud that she was using from another cattery and that she was very pregnant and needed to leave as soon as possible. I tried talking her down in price as low as I could but she insisted that the cat was bred and registered and that even sold as a unbred breeder queen she would be this price. Mrs. Roach then said that if by chance the kittens didnt survive or that she wasnt pregnant (which she swore up and down she was) that she would re breed her at no charge.

So I sent her the money western union. Received an email shortly after with a date and time to pick the cat up from the airport. Mrs. Roach said that she taped the CFA papers/health cert to the carrier and to notify her when I got her.

A few days later I went to pick up the cat. When I got her the airline asked for my credit card...? I was confused because I had paid for the shipping already when I sent the money to Mrs. Roach Western Union. Well she sent the cat C.O.D. I tried calling her home and no one would answer.

During one call it rang several times then someone picked up the phone and hung it up!
On top of that there were NO PAPERS sent with her except for her health cert for the airline.

I emailed Mrs. Roach when I got home but now it was taking her several days to respond vs. the several emails a day when she wanted her money. When she finally wrote me back she said that she must have left the papers at home and forgot but that she would mail them right away.

I take the cat to the vet and she isnt pregnant, and the vet thinks she has never been bred. No mammary development or signs of prior pregnancy. Mrs. Roach said that this cat had been bred 2 times before, was very descriptive about the litters and even sent pictures of the previous kittens.

Weeks go by, and no word from Mrs. Roach! Finally I hear from her and she states that she gave the CFA papers to her husband to mail and that he left them in his truck.

She would send them out right away (again?)
During this time I talk with other sphynx breeders and hear horror stories about Mrs. Roach and am warned not to send the cat back for re-breeding but to ask for a kitten in return.

I wrote Mrs. Roach about getting and kitten and she agreed.

WELL long long long story short...
I NEVER receive papers! At the time all this was happening Mrs. Roach was using the cattery name Abayomi sphynx (even has a fake website) and using the abayomi email address. I called CFA and TICA to ask about her and they have no cattery registered under that name. Lucky for me the woman at CFA was kind enough to do a little research for me and she found that Mrs. Roach had several other catterys registered but the most current was bareNall Sphynx. So I had her look for my cat under that name and the clerk said that Mrs. Roach had only 1 cat registered within the last 6 months and it wasnt mine? Well thats interesting because Mrs.

Roach has several cats and kittens and has been selling them like hot cakes on Hoobly? Where are they all registered or do they even exists?
We email back and forth for MONTHS!!! The story starts to come out more and more with even more lies. Promises to send a kitten... I never receive a kitten. BUT I see her selling kittens under her new fake cattery on Hoobly all the time.

Finally I have had it and I let her know that I will be taking her to court.

At this point I have heard many more stories about her scamming people and stealing money and I start to read the reports on Ripoff. com...this woman has got to be stopped!
She writes me saying that she will send me money back...I agree thinking that she may be trying to make things right...nope she tells me 2 weeks...Feb. comes and goes...then she tells me March...NOPE March comes and goes...then finally she writes me and says "ok ok I will have it for you on April 2nd or you can sue me"...WELL FOLKS its April 17th now and back on April 3rd she emailed me saying she didnt have the money and to just go ahead and sue her.

I am suing her! I want to teach her a lesson and maybe stop her from screwing all these people. I hear a new story all the time. Just today I heard she sold a kitten to a man, never sent the kitten and now the kitten is listed on hoobly under a different name? This womans a real piece of work.

If you or someone you know wants to work with me and the others to stop this horrible excuse for a human then please feel free to contact me.

If you are looking to purchase a sphynx, if your selling any cats or might be working with her in any way...please run while you still can!

In my research Ive found MANY others out there that have had problems, mostly money theft and fraud, that are dealing with this same breeder. People like this have to be stopped. They give sphynx breeders and breeders in general a bad name. Not only does this person use fake names and fake catteries but they also sell pregnant cats (5 weeks pregnant mind you) and I think the cat I purchased might have been stolen and then sold to me. Others have stated that they purchase a cat/kitten and never receive it, only to find the same cat for sale online a few days later. This person is working with other breeders, asking to buy kittens/cats, or use studs.

Please BEWARE!!!

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  • Ti
      21st of Apr, 2008
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    My Sphynx came from Brandy/barenall sphynx (at the time abayomi) she was/is in great health, and she has paper's . I plan to get my next Sphynx from Brandy so when I saw this I talked to Brandy, and ask her what was up . Brandy was right up front .This is what I was told, and know to be true from email's between Katie, and Brandy ( I ask Brandy to see the email's, and she sent them to me anyone who'd like them email me, or her )

    Brandy does not have many cattery name's as Katie has written I called CFA, and TICA myself they both told me she had "ONE" not many . Abayomi was not a fake name, or web site . Abayomi was already taken by another breeder when Brandy went to register her cattery so she had to choose another Brandy told Katie this .

    Now on to the cat Brandy sold the Sphynx to a women named Katie Applehans she was suppose to be a CFA champion ( read above katie say's TICA ) bred to a GC (I know the stud, and know this to be true.he is a GC ) Brandy told Katie if she was not bred, or the kitten's did not live she'd breed her back it may not have been the best judgement on Brandy's part to sell to sell the cat "BEFORE " getting her paper's she know's that, and did try to make it right .

    Selling a pregnant cat may not be the best thing to do, but when people send a cat away to be bred in most cases the cat will not be shipped back to the owner before they know she is pregnant why do people find it so bad that one may sell a pregnant cat ? Sending them away to be bred put's stress on them too.

    Katie was to pay $1, 200 for her this was with shipping she did not send $1, 200 she sent $ 1, 100 Brandy sent her COD on her shipping because of that, and Katie know's this Brandy paid for the crate, vet visit, and health cert. When Katie got the cat she took her to the vet, and found she was not bred Brandy told her to send her back, but Katie did not want to do that she wanted a kitten Brandy said that she'd do that, and gave no time frame . Later when the issue of the paper's came up Brandy told her she could have a kitten, send her back for her money back, or $ 500.00 to make up for the paper's Katie wanted $ 500.00 . Brandy should have been up front with Katie about the paper's that I agree with . I know she has also tried to make it right with this lady . Sometime's people can not just come up with money right on the spot. If You can not come up with the money right on the spot, and some tell's You they are going to take You to court what else are You going do ?

    Katie was so worried about a pregnant cat then why buy it ? She has written that she felt sorry for the cat, and told Brandy she rescued the cat from her, but this is not true she hoped to make money off of the cat in a email dated 4/3/08 Katie told Brandy FYI it is for more then $ 500.00 cost of spay, and loss when Brandy ask Katie what loss ? Katie said """ loss of time, effort, money that would have been aquired from kitten's """" So if Katie had "RESCUED" the cat as she put it then why would she be worried about loss of money from kitten 's ? Time, or effort ?

  • Ka
      29th of Apr, 2008
    0 Votes

    The above comment made by Brandy Roach posing as someone named Tina was also posted on [redacted].com You can see several complaints made on Brandy at [redacted] and see other posts where she pretends to be other people trying to defend herself.
    Nice try Brandy...maybe you should spend less time screwing people and you wouldnt have your name all over the internet..Just a thought :)

  • Ke
      29th of Apr, 2008
    0 Votes

    (The [redacted] I wrote)

    Brandy Roach BareNall Sphynx scammer, took my money and ripped me off Mount Vernon Ohio

    The Original [redacted] Text:
    Ive wanted a Sphynx kitten for as long as I can remember, something about the breed is just so interesting to me. So I finally saved enough money to purchase one and started to look for breeders in Ohio so the trip to pick it up wouldn't be too far. At the beginning of January 08 I saw Brandy Roach's website for Barenall Sphynx. I thought I was being a responsible buyer by looking up Brandy's name on the internet to make sure there wasn't anything wrong with her and at this time there were no [redacted]s. I emailed Brandy Roach and she informed me that her cat was getting ready to have kittens and that I could put a deposit on one. When the cats were "born" (I'm not sure if there were any since all she would ever give me were a few pictures of the kitten) she sent me pictures, she was always very nice, sent me tons of emails and what not. She told me she had only one little boy and sent be pictures of the kitten and everything until she got my $300 deposit. I sent my deposit of $300 though paypal. The emails were so slow after that point. She wouldn't send me pictures or answer my emails, she was always out of town or had company over. I didn't want to seem rude so I let it slide. I wait out the 12 weeks with barely any emails or anything and tried to arrange a date to pick up my male kitten, she arranges a date with me a few days before the actual pick up date. The day before the pick up day comes, it was suppose to be picked up Sunday April 13, 2008, I call and ask what time she wants me to come get him, after being hung up on many times, she leaves me a voicemail saying in a very unsure voice that the kittens are sick with a cold (which she said is very common for the weather) and she needs my address to send me back my deposit. I was seriously crushed I've been waiting months for this kitten that I've wanted for so long, and now nothing. I had given a name (Coheed) to the kitten, bought it all kinds of stuff including a collar with his name on it and even showed everyone the little pictures I did have. I sent her my address and told her that I expected the deposit to be in my mail box in one week, by Friday April 18. She emails me back and says pay day isnt until Wednesday and she will send it out then. Then she emails me back and says on Thursday April 17, I have the money order and will send it out today... so it wont get there until Monday the 21 of April (give a day)... guess what its the 28th and I still haven't received anything from her... I called back last week (I believe Wed. or Thur.) and told her that Monday the 28 of April was her last chance and she would be hearing from my attorney if nothing arrived... well today I receive a nasty voicemail (she will never talk to me in person "her phone gets bad reception)from her saying things like stop treating me, I would love to talk to your attorney, you haven't given me enough time to even send it back... last time I checked she already told me she had it and sent it out over a week ago... then in the voicemail after she was extremely rude she tells me she sent it out Friday, April 25, we both live in Ohio, if she really sent it, it would have been here today. She is one messed up lady and has caused me so much stress, heart ache and really made this a horrible experience. I just really want my money ($300) back I'm so sick of having to deal with her. Please anyone considering working with her, DON'T, I have heard other's horror stories with her as well, take you time and find a responsible breeder. I thought I could trust people and I guess I was naive. Something NEEDS to be done. I have tons of emails and voicemails… and I sent the deposit through paypal so I have that information. please people: just beware of Brandy Roach she is horrible and I am a huge believer in karma, and I hope one day she gets exactly what she deserves, a broken heart, stress and lost of money...because I got all of this!!! Also she often changes her email (because she has "problems" with them) with today's technology I don't think they are just up and breaking down but then again you never know... also you can usually tell it's her from bad grammer and miss spelled words.

  • Ad
      14th of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    I just met Brandy this past weekend .My husband, and I went to her house to talk with her about getting a kitten . Her home was very clean, no cages, cats look great .We are very pleased to say We are getting Our little man from Brandy . I have little faith in any site which allows a person to post comments willy-nilly with no proof, or fact check .

  • Ka
      22nd of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    Once again Brandy tries to pretend to be someone shown in the above comment. Brandy is very illiterate and its always obvious from her grammar mistakes. She commonly puts commas in wrong places, she runs on with improper sentences and she places capital letters incorrectly. This is all easily seen on her website or from posts where she is actually saying she is herself.
    Just an FYI and update: Brandy has recently changed her look of her website to fool others. It has also been brought to my attention that she is telling some prospective buyers that she resides in Arizona. Luckily people are being smart and researching her before they send money or try and get a cat from her. The posting of her scams by myself and the numerous others she has tricked is helping to save others from heartache.
    All those who have emailed me, thanking me for alerting you before you got scammed, Im very glad I could help and I wish the best to all of you. Thanks

  • Sp
      25th of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    Brandy is a great person email me to find out about my experiance with her.People are real ### some of You need a head doctor.Any person who chooses to listen to this crap well thats Your loss.

  • Br
      26th of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    These post by Katie Applehans of Auroro.Colo are rediculose and I am not going to spend the time it takes to comment on them FYI I dont need to post fake comments people can belive what they want I know the truth and not only do I know the truth I can also prove it . So keep on posting Your this trash mabe it will make You feel better .

  • Br
      26th of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    and BTW Kendal Schaffer of Fleatcher Ohio deposit was retuened with 3 week's of the time Your kitten became ill.

  • Ka
      27th of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    Brandy, why not take this time to make things right? Why wouldnt you want yourself to have a good reputation and be known for making your mistakes right?
    Ive looked at it from your point of view and I can honestly say that I would be doing anything in my power to clear things between us instead of fighting, threatening and covering up. This could all be fixed Brandy...its all in your hands. You hold true to just one of your promises and I would love to forget you and this whole mess ever happened.
    Think about it!

  • Ka
      1st of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    Ive posted a website blog with all the emails for EVERYONE to read.

    Anyone who was on the fence about these scams is welcome to go hear it from the horses mouth. I encourage people to read the emails and see for yourself the extent that Brandy went to with this scam. The countless lies she came up with week after week. Its mind blowing really but this is how these low life scammers work.
    She continues to post ads for kittens on every week. I hope people are smart and do some research before they purchase any sphynx.

  • Br
      3rd of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    I must point out (and can point out more, but have better things to do ) You state on this site I told You I had to many cats, and could not care for this one, or her kittens .Now lets read the email, and see what I really said < first email on the blog top of page > My point ? You do not tell the truth eaither .Posting the truth is one thing, but posting lies, or twisting what I said to make it look like I said something I did not thats another .I told You money was tight I offered You a kitten, or just give be a little while longer, and I'd have the money had You just waited You would have had Your money, and this would be done I had the money ready to send when I saw these post, and These post are the reason You have no kitten, or money is these post .

  • Ka
      3rd of Jul, 2008
    +1 Votes

    Of everything that has gone on ALL you can come up with is that I said you had too many cats but your email said something different? Do you think that excuses your fraud? Does that erase all that you did? Give me a break!
    You can say you were gonna do this and gonna do that BUT its all talk...youve never done ANYTHING but talk talk talk.
    If I only would have waited??? I WAITED 7 MONTHS!!! HOW MUCH LONGER DID YOU WANT ME TO WAIT? Why would you think I would believe anything else that came out of your mouth? Everything that you have told me has been a LIE, why would I believe you now?
    You are a pro at avoiding the facts and dancing around what you did. Luckily people can now see for themselves and come up with their own conclusions regardless of what you post.
    The reason I have no kitten or money is because you scammed me and took my money! Right along with the others that you scammed.

  • Ri
      18th of Jun, 2012
    0 Votes

    I have owned Sphynx cats for over 15 yrs..I am not a breeder for money.. I have bred my female to a wonderful GC stud..she is due any day now.. i have dealt with liars, scammers, and straight up breeders trying to make a living at breeding cant do it and keep respect of the breed and the queens. Never buy a kitten that you cannot see and drive home yourself. Never let a breeder sell you one thats less than 10 wks old. And never let some one sell you a pregnant queen..thats a total disrespect to a queen..the breed..and professional catteries...nobody does that..above all put her on a plane...unbelievable! If your interested in a quality..home raised and full of love healthy

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