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Spellbinders Dies / always backordered product

1 United States

Here is a company that does a HUGE promotion of a new release of a craft product. They take pre-orders and give an approximate date to their retailers on when they will be shipped. Then cross your fingers because 9 times out of 10 their products are a no show! And it is always "problems with the supplier in China?" Since this happens all the time--IMHO ---it is probably that the supplier wants their money. Maybe I am wrong but I doubt it. Could that be why they have you pre-order? This way they are using the customers money and once China gets the money they go into production? Then when the products finally start to come in--guess who comes in last? Yep--the smaller craft stores. Doesn't matter who ordered first. Then of course the poor retailers are dodging their own customers and creating hard feelings for having to keep telling them why they STILL don't have in what the customers paid for 2 months ago. If you don't have the upfront capital Spellbinders--then get investors. For what you charge for 5 pieces of WIRE---YES WIRE-- is an outrage! Quit blaming China--just admit you are poor business planners who are making craft retailers lives nightmares! You are just lucky you hit on something that crafters want or everybody would have nothing to do with you.

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