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Dear Sirs,
Having signed up for a short trial, I spoke with an amiable guy, located in Boca Rattan. I explained I'd just been given a laptop, to undertake Pro-Bono work as a senior volunteer for a US based charity launching in the UK. He politely took me through a process, adding there were other problems that maybe slowing the computer to the snails pace; the repair would be in the order of £110. as this computer is worth less than £50 I explained that it would be inappropriate to spend charity money. I left it with him, went off to my normal profession as a Doctor.
Today I see this computer has gone from a snails pace to near Glacial. What was unacceptably slow, is so slow as to make this computer unusable. It wasn't good prior to adding SpeedyPC Pro, now its unworkable. I advise & guide an important mentor programme, which has it origins in America. it was on advice of the Big Brothers Big Sisters managers that I chose SpeedyPC Pro. Could someone look into the issue; see if a scalpel, or another operational instrument has been left accidentally inside the patient during operation causing a slow response?
Dr D Hall,
Rapporteur BBBS UK

Apr 02, 2016

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