Speedy BuysScam and fraud

I heard about this from a major news station. Then a while later, it happened to be a pop up on AOL. I usually am careful and never give out my credit card, but when filling out the application they require one, to make you a member. They never tell you, that you will never be able to sign back into the site, your password will not work. I never made any bids. A few days later a get a welcom letter from Speedy buys telling me I have 300 points billed to bid with, I got very upset and called the number on the email. They told me each point is really 1.50 and now I have 150.00 dollars worth plus another 75.00 on my credit card. I tell Sonia that answers the phone I can not sign in, and never allowed charges on my card. She can do nothing, tells her co worker she is on with a ***. I over heard this. She then gives me a email address to write to. They never answer. Now I realize this is a big scam, they are scamming millions of people. This is not a small operation. First I cancelled the credit card, the bank is investigating, so I do not have to pay anything.. when it is a fraud, they will credit back your card. Then I reported them to crime stoppers, they took the report. They told me to call my local police. They came to make a report and forward it to their detective unit. Then I went to the FBI internet scam site and reported them. Now I will call the TV networks and newspapers to report them. I reported them to AOL. Also needs to be reported to Google. I twittered about the scam on Twitter. Then today finally I got an email from them asking for the correct spelling of my name and the card number again so they could refund it. Meanwhile they new it was cancelled so what did they need a card number and my name for.. This is a big one guys.. I hope someone high up gets on this one. Forward to your congressman, senator, even the President, till we get them caught and put in jail.


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