SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / Bots as Users, Site crashes and stops loading

Scottsdale, AZ, United States

He is completely correct on this I wish I would have read the reviews first. This site is a huge scam. They have hot girls say they want to speed date with you, But wait as a new member you get this one free. but they girls never talk or even say hi. Even when you sign up same thing. Also the website crashes on me where it stops loading. At least ill have the last laugh. I used a credit card that has no funds on it and never will because its my flex health spending account from my last job. So I don't work there anymore. Its been at least 2 months not having the insurance and having the job. But this site sent me I copied and pasted.

Subscription Confirmation
Thank you for purchasing a subscription to on 05/03/2012.Your payment has been processed 191.40 for your new 12 Month membership. Unless you cancel before the end of the term by calling [protected] Monday through Friday, 7AM until 5PM Pacific Time Zone (GMT-8) (excepting major U.S. holidays) or by logging into your Premium Account and modifying the Account Status within Your Profile's Account Settings, your card will be automatically charged on a recurring basis based on the term you agreed to and at the rate then in effect. Payments for unused portions of a subscription will not be refunded.

Now I went to my account settings and I cant make a change to cancel my membership. whats really messed up is before I entered the credit card info I could make changes to my account and even cancel my membership. Because I was offered a complimentary month, HAHAH which doesn't work anyway. If it did you would only speak with Bots/Fake users anyway. So Please stay away from the site even the .99 cents to get you verified does nothing for you.

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