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Special Data Processing / National Magaizne Exchange / Sending out Prize winning mailing SECOND REQUEST

1 16120 US 19 NorthClearwater, FL, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 800-915-8349

SECOND NOTICE PRIZE ENTRY OFFER mailing we've been trying to get a hold of you offer looks like one of those scams that you are warned about on several websites because people never signed up for any such offer or puschased anything to get this offer like they claim, but they actually bought peoles info off a broker list that Cutting Edge Media Inc./True Wealth Magazine is selling. Even though we never signed up for any offer they still got our info unscrupulously and are selling it without our knowledge/approval, Inever ever bought anything online but they claim I recently purchased something and was added to this broker list for some home business offer type telemarketing. Which is a FALSE statement by them who claim we signed up for something with their company first and now say Oh we bought your info from a list and you must have purchased something recently that put you on this list for sale to telemarketers. Plus where can we find/see this Prize Giveaway for $2, 100, 000.00 that they claim is for real by employees only saying I saw them give away the prize first hand but it's not anywhere to be seenheard by the public, the Lotto at least tells what store the ticket was bought at and Publishers Clearing House advertises giveaways on TV/NEWSPAPERS/INTERNET. If it was really for real wouldn't it be the best advertisement for this company that shows people we are for real giving away this prize for no commitment to buy our magazines and all you have to do is call in your id#? They don't have to show any names like the Lotto does if people winning don't want to be shown, but at least show it was given away on this date or let the media report the giveaway by this company.


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