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Spavia / Fraudulent Cancellation Charges

1 4930 South Yosemite Street, Suite D2Greenwood Village, CO, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 303.221.0068

I was given a Spavia giftcard (value $45) by a friend of mine in celebration of the birth of my child and for a little post-baby indulgence.

Excitedly, I called to make an appointment and spoke to the front desk lady (Lily). I requested an appointment for both me and my friend, which Lily made and then proceeded to advise me that in order to book an appointment I would need to guarantee it with a c/card. Cancellations w/in 24hrs of service will be subject to a 50% of service cancellation fee. I didn't have my c/card on me at the time so I told her not to worry about it, when I had my c/card in front of me I'd call back to make an appointment. Ok, so here I am thinking everything's fine, no appointment set up etc. Didn't think twice about it and actually forgot to call back.

The day I was to have made the appointment for (10/19/08) I get a call in the afternoon (at the time I was going to have made the apmt for) from Spavia asking "where are you, you're late for your apmt" - this left in a v/mail for me on my home #. I called back almost immediately to say that there shouldn't be an apmt booked for me. The lady started arguing with me saying that I had an apmt, so I explained the above situation to her. She said, I'll have you speak to the owner who is right here. So she passes me off to speak to the owner whom I explain the above to. She advises me that they'll be taking the funds from my giftcard as the cancellation fee since I didn't show up for the apmt. ROBBERY!!

She couldn't explain to me either why when Lily, whom I originally spoke to, had said it would be guaranteed to a c/card, would make an apmt if I never gave her a c/card. She also then said that her staff had called me 24hrs prior to reconfirm my apmt - they never did, and I told her as such. She then puts her staff member on the phone who says she spoke to me, which is a complete fabrication since I wasn't even home and I told her as such. The owner claims that she'll check phone records to prove that her staff called me --- it's been more than 2 weeks now, I've called her several times leaving messages for her to call me back but of course she doesn't!!

DON'T WASTE YOU MONEY going to this particular Spavia. Your $$'s are better spent elsewhere and I'm sure you'll get better customer service too!!


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