Sparkling Pools and Spas / Violent Employees

1 PO Box 294463, Lewisville, TX, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 817-559-2132


They hire VIOLENT drivers! There are enough violent lunatics on the roads as it is without having to deal with "professional" lunatics!!!

I was headed North on Stemmons Freeway, going thru Farmers Branch, Tx when this lunatic was in the entrance/exit lane trying to get on the highway. It was heavy traffic on the highway and I was in the far right lane. The entrance/exit lane was a completely separate lane, so it was not like this lunatic could not just stay on the side road to go to the next entrance/exit.

And instead of this violent lunatic driving to the next entrance from the service road or even slowing down to wait for his turn to get on the road after some traffic passed, he just JERKED his truck across the front bumper of my vehicle and almost RIPPED OFF my front bumper!!!

THEN this psychotic violent lunatic could NOT even be bothered to speed up and get the hell out of the way!!! I had to slam on my brakes, almost causing the vehicle behind me to hit me!!!

And besides all that, this psycho lunatic criminal had NO headlights on, as it was very dark and raining! He had crap hanging off the back of his truck which covered up his license plate (a felony in this state, from what I have been told by the state), and there were NO red indicator flags on any of the crap hanging off the rear of his truck, which is also illegal in the state of Texas!!!

DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY if they insist on hiring VIOLENT, PSYCHOTIC lunatics for employees!!!

A company is supposed to be in business to MAKE customers, not KILL THEM!!!

Jan 3, 2015

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