Sparco / False Advertising, Fraudulent Claims, Uauthorized Charges

1 TN, United States
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Sparco claimed to have 461 units of the HP 5310M in stock. I ordered one unit for 735 dollars. After not receiving the item for three days, I emailed and phoned for an update. Sparco said that they had a warehouse shipping issue, that HP had recalled the item, and that HP had restricted Sparco from releasing these products. As a result of speaking with HP, I learned that there is no recall on this product. Sparco misrepresented its in stock products, HP, and the HP product. Sparco also FRAUDULENTLY claimed that there was a product recall. Furthermore, after Sparco canceled my order, they charged my credit card. I am waiting for Sparco to refund the money. Today, Sparco emailed that the order was canceled and it never held my funds. My online bank statement says otherwise.

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