Spar birchgatestaff bad behavior and company reputation

One of spar cashier Amanda ramashaba gave her contact number to my man to call her, later after she discovered that my man did not call her she started passing funny comments to me every time I go to the Store. I confronted her in December and she never said anything to me . The next day my man went to the shop and saw her she told my man that she will kill me and I should wait for her after work at 8pm. I've never seen such thing to all the stores I've been too, this lady always when she see me and my man at the store she will greet my man but give me attitude and I ask myself why ? I went to the shop to report this to her manager and I was hoping she will be suspended but the shop did not because on Monday again she did the same threatening message to my man that I wanted her to be fired . Spar birchgate is the store close to my apartment and for me to go to another stores just because of her, hell no I won't do that . I want the shop do the proper thing or the head office because this I can not tolerate

Jan 12, 2017

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